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Good thoughts, Sonja :)

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Funny thing, I'm an excessively obese person...and I totally agree with your premise. Wasn't offended by your post yesterday at all, I think that it's entirely spot on.

It's very easy to look at things or people on the stage and not recognize how distracting they can be to others in a worship experience. It may not be something we're 100% comfortable with...but it's the reality of where people are, and how we all think.

Good post yesterday. Good followup today :)

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No. You're not the only one. I feel the same way for the same reasons you list, but I'd add more. Primarily being that the state of being "saved" very quickly puts up a barrier around certain groups of people. As if to say one class of people is better than another. It can all too easily become a source of pride...and so people look down on others who don't share their same status.

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Totally agree...but sometimes hard to implement. We do love our privacy.

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Thanks for posting, Mitz. I think that striving to be compassionate, open and understanding goes a long way. If I can be a little rough on my own tribe, I think that Christians (as a whole) tend to struggle the most with that.

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"Assuming you agree with what I just said, these men weren't fornicating (the roots of that word point to prostitution, or paying a third party for sex without a ongoing long term commitment of some sort)"

Then there is Jacob. In addition to having more than one wife, and having other women in his house for sexual favors, he also went in to a prostitute and was not condemned for doing so.

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Most excellent answer. Thanks for posting that.

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Love you being a part too, Diane! I know you've made an incredible difference in people's lives, and still do :)

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Hey you, stop commenting here while you're in Vegas ;) I think that emotional attachment you talk about comes through...it's more than just some task to you. You seem to see the value, reasons and big picture of everything you have your hand in. You operate from a perspective of someone who just wants to serve and make other's lives easier. Don't underestimate how huge that is, and how incredible you are :)