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The same applies to other fields that deal with how people or groups of people work such as social psychology. Certainly it's the spirit's work that matters and he can over-ride anything we do, no matter how poorly done. But, if we can find out how not to get in our own way through accidentally poor first impressions, less than optimally persuasive communication or any of the other pitfalls social psychology can help us avoid, it would be silly to not take heed.

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Good to hear this kind of thing said. It frustrates me when I see companies or charities on Twitter who do actually have something worthwhile to market potentially alienating people through things like mass tagging in advertising Tweets or through sending automated DMs.

The particularly frustrating variant I'm seeing a lot of these days, mostly from smaller non-profit causes, is tagging celebrities or influencers in tweets about what they do that also request a retweet. Nagging strangers for a retweet makes the person sending the tweet look desperate and nagging. It puts the influencer in a tough spot because if they don't respond they look uncaring and if they do they are opening themselves up for more nagging from other desperate charity marketers.

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Thank you so much for posting this. As an introvert, church can be a difficult setting to find where you fit and can easily turn exhausting

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Thanks for your comment. It is definitely a pattern I've observed among other students too.

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Thank you for visiting and for the kind words!

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I agree. It is astounding how much quality learning material is available online or in good public libraries. The growth of online courses is expanding possibilities for low and no cost learning at a quite rapid rate. My point was not that learning has to cost financially, but that even when it does it is something worth prioritising

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I think that is a very helpful point. Often we don't know ourselves very well (and our distracting culture doesn't encourage us to try) so what we think we need and what we actually need aren't always the same

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It would indeed be a boring world if God had us all on the same timetable!

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Thanks Adam!

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Thanks for commenting, Dave! The SOAP method can be a really helpful one.