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Great post. And yes, it is a twin to "That's not my gift."

Jon, I'd love to see you post on the flip side of this: People saying "I'm called to that." As a Christian working in Hollywood, I see a whole lot more of that: People come out here convinced God has called them, then crash and burn (and often walk away from God as a result).

So often these people are like those painful auditioners on American Idol who are convinced they can sing because mommy always told them they could, when every bit of evidence says otherwise. They really need a Simon Cowell in their lives, early on, saying, "No, darling, you can't sing."

Love this post, would love to see that one, too!

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Can we please acknowledge that much of what Windows now runs was blatantly stolen from Apple? (Graphical-user interface anyone? Windows 96 = Mac 85, etc.)

Who is it who cannot create anything new of his own, but only corrupts that which God has already created?

I think we can make a very good case that PC is satan.

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Not surprisingly, the reasons above that don't work are all PC reasons--

#6. PC commercials are equally smug. "Windows Vista was my idea"? Really. (And btw, those commercials were created on Macs.)

#10. Some people used to treat Jerry Falwell as God, too. If the behavior of the followers is used to judge the reality and goodness of that which they follow, God Himself is in trouble. Sorry, this one can't be used to condemn Macs.

#12. Yes, the Mac's outward appearance is cool. But Macs are not *all* about outward appearances, as #7, #8, #9, #11 and more on this list point out. Another point for the PC that doesn't hold up.

#14. Yes, God paid the cost for our salvation, but it was an incredibly expensive cost.

Mac all the way, baby...

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I blog about screenwriting, movies, being a Christian in Hollywood, and Harry Potter over at www.quoththemaven.blogspot.com.

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" (A recent survey showed that something like 80% of the millennial generation felt like they’d be famous when they grew up.)"

That is a scary sentence. As Christians, that is a sentence that should send chills through our heart, because a good chunk of that 80% must be Christians.

The desire to be famous, to be *important,* is a trap. The desire to be famous points out that we don't think God is doing it right. It's a desire to draw attention to ourselves, rather than to God. It is an insidious, soul-sucking poison that causes us to think about me, me, me. (As Lawrence Olivier said when asked for the three reasons anyone becomes an actor: "Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.")

Looking for Goliath because you want to prove something is spiritually dangerous. Looking for Goliath because you want other people to see how cool you are is even more spiritually dangerous.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it...."

A great post, Jon.

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How about the pity invite for Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day?

(Living in L.A., where everyone *leaves* at Christmastime rather than coming home here for Christmas, we try to keep our eyes open for anyone who's going to be on their own, single or married,.... but I'm always worried it'll come across as a pity invite when I don't mean it that way!)

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"Jesus loves me, this I b'lieve
He will never want to leave..."

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Perfect meditation for New Year's Eve Eve! Thank you, Jon!

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Yes to more archiving -- past post 500. I read SCL archives on my iPhone when I'm grabbing a bite to eat or standing in line, and once I reach 500, don't know what I'll do!

No to more video posts -- too much of a pain for those of us reading on mobiles.

What about an SCL forum so convo could continue on reader-driven topics?

Also think you should do a giveaway of that awesome balloon thing you got your kids for Christmas. Although I guess the winners would have to sign something promising not to sue you....

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The *real* danger of starting something new on January 1 is that once you fail, you have 350+ days to go before you can start again.