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10 years ago @ Kit Up! - S.O.TECH.'s Redesigned... · 0 replies · +2 points

SO I have one of the original ones and to be honest I don't like it. There's too much play in the way it constantly moves around when walking let alone having to deal with it when hustling around if needed. Just not into it. This may be nice but I don't feel like buying another one.

12 years ago @ All Facebook - Facebook Tests Comment... · 0 replies · +1 points

oooooh... want! I hope that "social ranking" metric is available in the API... imagine the potential there

12 years ago @ Defense Tech - F-35 Image Porn · 0 replies · +3 points

want: link to full size version not small jpg. :/

12 years ago @ Paul Kedrosky: Infecti... - Dust Storm in Phoenix · 0 replies · +1 points

Idk about biblical... just another monsoon season in Arizona lol.

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12 years ago @ Kit Up! DEV - Army Bans Split-Toe Shoes · 4 replies · +11 points

is it because of they way they look or is it because they're not good for your feet on long runs w/ gear?

12 years ago @ Kit Up! DEV - CINC Grill · 0 replies · +1 points

discount code seems invalid

12 years ago @ Kit Up! DEV - Rail-Mounted Bottle Op... · 0 replies · +2 points

hah... nice. Duh Winning

12 years ago @ Vegas Geek - No, I will not sign yo... · 0 replies · +3 points

I won't sign em either - actually insulted that people ask. At that point I can immediately tell it's going to be a bad relationship lol... that's not a good start to anything good.

12 years ago @ Scrollin' On Dubs - The unattainable is un... · 1 reply · +1 points

Nice post... they reached out to me too and they should be making a Az tour around May or so... it'll be cool to meet them in person and open that app up for us here in the valley :)

12 years ago @ Defense Tech - Marines Use Helium Bal... · 0 replies · +3 points

With everybody focusing on how much each day costs us over there it's good to see some intel come out about how they're thinking and using ways to save some cash