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Amen to that! Nerf balls huh? I might have to try that. I can't afford to keep buying new tv's. But seriously, with how much he has done in six months, he still has 3 1/2 years left. There will be nothing left of America. We need to sound the drums, blow the trumpet, and sound the alarm! Except this time it's not the British: its our own president. I fear for our future and for the future of my children when they come. Their future has been spent too!

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I am literally made sick by their games. It is a perfect example of "Do as i say, not as I do."

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So true. They just think its a big huge game that we are paying them to play. Our well being means nothing to them. And our president and his beer summit. It makes me so mad. Blood shooting out if the eyes and the whole bit. It won't help anything. It will just make it worse. Our nation is being transformed beofre our very eyes and the whole of the nation just doesn't seem to care. Who cares how many books he has or how many times he is on the cover of magazines! He is cleaning out all the thugs from places like Chicago and other places and putting them in places of authority. I didn't sign up for a thugocracy. Change is good, but not this. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

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Here is what just makes me mad. Politicians from my state making fun of us for demanding that they read the bills they push through for once. When I heard what Conyers said, I wanted to pull out my concealed weapon and shoot the tv. What is this world coming to? Why do people vote in a man who flat out tells us in the beginning that he is going to fundamentally change our country? Or whose wife tells us that he will never let us go back to how we were living. He will force us to work. Well, not me. I still believe in those principles that founded this nation. I will believe them till I die.

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I don't mean to rag on Obama or make this site about bashing Obama but this guy seriously needs a lesson in past gifts that were given from our presidents to Great Britain. An I-pod and DVDs that don't work. Are you kidding me? He's a goon and obviously he can't give a meaningful gift from the U.S. because he doesn't know what meaningful is for our country. It's just plain arogancy to put your own specches on an I-pod given as a speech. What if she doesn't like to listen to you talk? Get over yourself and get busy fixing our country which you have so splendidly thrown in the trash like a used diaper.

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Okay, this is just about ridiculous! The people in Washington being told what laundry soap to use? Stupid. I think it is funny that people are smuggling laundry soap in from other states. What are they going to tell us we to use next? They have no right to tell us what brands we can use and what brands we can't use. Government, get out of where you don't belong!

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Amen to that. Honestly, when it comes down to it, knowing Christ as your Savior is the ultimate insurance we have when facing these dark times.

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The government is stooping pretty low if they are targeting those who are simply trying to make a living. Stop blaming executives who are actually working hard for their money. Point the finger in the right direction: to yourselves. It also boggles my mind that they are bossnapping and the police say that it is just part of the negotiation process. Its part of getting even and getting theirs. All they care about is what they can get.

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"The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing." - John Adams