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:)This is really cool! Also - hello to the three other Australians who have added themselves to this map :)

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Oh my gosh everyone's puppies are so adorable!
From top to bottom may I present to the internet, Queenie the staffy, Abbey the great dane x boxer and Jonah the bull arab x bull mastiff.

Queenie was my dog that we had since I was in primary school, but she passed away last year :( . Abbey is my partner's dog. The first picture of her is quite a few years old, and the second one with Jonah is more recent after she put on a tonne of weight in her old age. Jonah is the newest addition to our family. He's a rescue dog who was badly neglected and abused by his old owner (hence how skinny he was when we got him as you might be able to tell in his first picture). He is such an affectionate and snugly puppy who is beside himself when he can't flop himself all over the nearest human or, much to her disdain, Abbey.

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So down for an online convention! So long as the hours aren't ridiculous for someone from Oz. I mean, personally I can probably stay up all night on most nights cause I have a very flexible study schedule but if you wanted this online con to reach as many of your isolated fans who can't make it to physical meet-ups as possible, then when it's on might get complicated.

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19's expired. Took one of 20. Thankyou :)

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Took one of each. Thankyou so much! :)

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Oh wow I was completely off. I have no sense of timeline for this show since I watched most of it in huge chunks over the course of a few weeks.

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*late commenting cause I only just had the time to start catching up on this*

-Mark, when AC/DC starts playing: “This is so American.” Filmed in Canada.

Hmmm yes, but the filming location isn't why I quirked my eyebrow when Mark made that comment at that time. Is AC/DC being super American really a thing? Cause it's pretty unfathomable to me.

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Spoilers for all of the seasons:
Gbgnyyl guvf lrf. Zl bayl ceboyrz jvgu gur srznyr punenpgref ba fhcreangheny vf gurer nera'g rabhtu bs gurz naq JUL QB GURL XRRC BA QLVAT?!?! Q:

Puneyvr vf zl snir fhcrf punenpgre naq bar bs zl snir punenpgref va gi bs nyy gvzr naq vs gurl qb nalguvat gb ure fb uryc zr Pnf... *natel snpr*

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general expectation kind-of spoilers:

fghcvq zra qvr: vf fhcreangheny zvfnaqel?

Fnq yby orpnhfr ab, ab vg vf abg. (irel zhpu bccbfvgr).

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Spoilers for I don't know what season but it's one of the more recent ones (probably 6 or 7):

Jul qvqa’g lbh jnxr hc lbhe uhfonaq orsber ehaavat hcfgnvef gb pbasebag gur perrcl qhqr jvgu lbhe onol?

Npghnyyl gung'f n ernyyl vagrerfgvat qrgnvy gung V bayl whfg ernyvfrq unf n irel tbbq rkcynangvba. Nalbar jub'f frra gur rc jurer Qrna onpx gb gur shgherf jvgu uvf cneragf jvyy trg jung vg vf.