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replaced by a series of anarcho-syndicalist communes

Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!

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If both her parents are dentists, who's doing the home education? Usually home schooling is done by a stay-at-home parent. It seems like a nanny/tutor who would be qualified to provide a gifted kid like Hermione with the education she needed (that was up to her parents' standard) might be beyond the financial abilities of a pair of dentists. I mean, they're probably well off, but I'm not sure they're quite THAT well off.

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I know, right? It's all HP HP HP HP DAMIEN LEWIS HP. He could be a Weasley relation! Except it's totally weird to think of Soames Forsyte as a Weasley.

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Moffat is saying ‘yes, this is the show you’ve all followed for the last 5 years, but remember all those good bits I put in? Expect a whole lot more!’ You may think this is a criticism, but far from it. It’s not derivative, it’s celebratory. A bright start to a brand new era of the show, both old and new.

I really like this way of putting it and totally agree. It's regeneration -- I mean, that's the clear theme of the episode, not just the Doctor's regeneration or the TARDIS's or the show's but the regeneration of Amy's hopes and dreams. That beautiful music at the end, so full of wonder and beauty, Amy getting to go off with the madman in the box, who's been the focus of her desires for so long (as the slow pan over the drawings and dolls shows) -- it's new life, new hope, adventure and excitement.

I don't think Amy needed the Doctor for adventure and excitement; she's dynamic enough to create her own. But she wanted that, in the deep primal way that children want magic and, yeah, fairy tales. And this episode is all about Santa giving her what she wanted.


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The most chilling part of this for me was this other man who was in the car. Who is he?

He remained with the girl while Frau Heinrich disappeared inside. He never spoke. Liesel assumed he was there to make sure she wouldn't run away or to force her inside if she gave them any trouble. Later, however, when the trouble did start, he simply sat there and watched. Perhaps he was only the last resort, the final solution.
TERRIFYING. Since I don't know who this guy is, I'm not sure what's going on, but thematically it seems to correspond with the earlier interjection:

A pair of train guards
A pair of grave diggers
When it came down to it, one of them called the shots.
The other did what he was told.
The question is, what if the other is a lot more than one?
Then you get the Final Solution.

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Last time Araniapriime suggested The Happiness Patrol (Seven and Ace), and it did really well in the poll, so I'm re-nominating it! Here's her original blurb:

Please watch "The Happiness Patrol" with the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Seven and Ace were my first exposure to Doctor Who, and they are BADASS AND AWESOME. Ace is a teenage girl in a leather jacket who carries explosives in her knapsack. Explosives that she MAKES HERSELF.

In "The Happiness Patrol" the Doctor and Ace visit a planet where unhappiness is illegal. If you're ever found to be unhappy, you're sent to the Kandy Kitchen. SRSLY. The secret police wear miniskirts and pink wigs and bizarre outer space bondage gear. And the first thing they do is paint the TARDIS pink because it's a happier colour. That all happens in about the first five minutes. Then hijinx ensue.


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I’m on a frosting sailboat


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I think the fact that he doesn't go with Rick is the indicator that he's a twat.

Exactly my point! :)

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Is there any name that says "douchebag" quite as clearly as "Rickston"? I CANNOT THINK OF ONE. (ETA: If anyone out there is named Rickston, I am sorry.)

Other than that: the floating Doctor with Angels (coming just after Tinkerbell!Jesus!Doctor, too!) marked for me the place where RTD totally jumped the shark with the Doctor-as-Lonely-God theme. UGH. David Tennant is so amazing, but even he can't manage to make that bit be not embarrassingly cheesy.

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I started this comment by quoting the bits I wanted to agree with, only to realize that I would need to copy THE WHOLE THING. The show's treatment of Martha is so problematic and frustrating and limiting, both of her and of the Doctor. That's the most frustrating part for me.