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Congratulations on a long time with a beautiful girl!

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Not everyone has that option and we need to make the world safer for them.

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Thank you so much for this post! I am so excited about this weekend in Baltimore- the steps we are taking to fight animal abuse (and fund animal rescue for our most abused animals- cats and pit bulls) are long overdue.
(And black pit bulls are my personal favorite!)

I'll be at the B-More Dog booth all day at the Give Pits A Chance Event!

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It reminded me very much of my friend Jenn and her dog Bella- a little mini-pittie/Staffie who was in very bad shape when she got her. Recently had puppies, stinky, dirty, patchy, shy and scary, didn't know how to play, or even really be a dog. She was probably a breeder. After 3 years with Jen (she thinks she's around 5) she's a little love bucket now and also lies on her back in the sun!

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You made me (and now a number of my Facebook and Twitter friends) cry. What a wonderful tribute to why we rescue and why pit bulls.

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Yeesh, have heard bad tidings about Blindness. However, Spike Lee? I think he has turned some kind of corner. Inside Man was really good- had a old-school feel to it like a Hitchcock movie almost. And When the Levees Broke was the most singularly amazing, beautiful, and devastating film I have ever seen. A true work of art. So I hope to see Miracle at St. Anna.

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Or Mexico!

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"What in the name of Spencer Pratt's flesh colored facial hair?"

Well, my mom told me about sex when I was young- too young to be embarrassed. She had to. She was pregnant when I was 18 months. And again when I was 3. I got suspicious. The way she handled it is if we were old enough to ask, we were old enough to get the answer. By the time we got to school, I knew way more than anyone else. Plus I was a reader so I was given the old-school "Our Bodies, Ourselves" as a preteen. I think my dad gave the boys a talk when they got older cause, well, boys- you know? But my mom talked to them too.

So hell no I wouldn't have wanted to be on that show- but I didn't need to! (In my college human sexuality class I got an A+!) If more families educated their kids, shows like this would not be needed. But they SO are.

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I loved the Hollywood Stock Exchange! I was a temp at the time...