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I was a big Boy George Fan when I was young. I don't remember thinking about his sexuality that much -- I figured out he was gay, and I wasn't so young that I didn't know what that meant. My parents didn't dissuade me from listening to him, and I'm grateful for that. I had friends whose parents were really weirded about by him. I don't know: maybe my memory is more selective than I want to admit.

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I watched it, too, after some digging around on my cable system for the premier. It's.. fine. I love toni Collette, so I'll probably continue to watch it, but the first epi was a bit "meh."

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"keep my cheese hydrogenated"

Hehe. I've heard that too. Or "keep my peaches hydrogenated."

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To be honest, I don't read Stereogum that often, but I saw the news there first, that she had been undergoing treatment for anorexia. I was hesitant to write this post, knowing that it could have come off unsympathetic or worse.

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I started using Intense Debate on one of my blogs. So far so good, at least I only have to log in once, which makes it pretty convenient.

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I have no shame. I'm totally watching it.
She could earn so much respect if she's honest and open about her breakdown. I'm not a fan, but I want to see her happy and healthy.

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Yeah, I thought that was pretty weird.

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If there are any problems with this, let me know. This is new for me too.

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