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We would need to find out where she lives first. We can't send her money without an adress. :(
Do you have any ideas?

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Is this really true?! Have you heard that from herself or from a friend of hers?
And what do you mean with "dead"? :( Where is she from?

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Celebrating the anniversary every month would let it feel less special over time because people would get used to it.
Also, 3 Months = 3 Cutie Mark Crusaders, which makes it especially fitting.

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Happy New Year everypony!

We're hosting a little New Year's stream today to celebrate into 2016. The planning and preparations were finished just late enough to not make it in the Nightly Roundup anymore, so I'm leaving a link to the stream here:
We're streaming Celestia Radio's New Year's Eve Countdown, some New Year's Eve videos and the best pony videos and songs from 2015.
You can wish for the latter ones in the chat by leaving a link! We're rounding all the wishes up and play the videos and songs on the stream!
The stream has just started three and a half hours ago and will run for 24 hours in total, until 04:00 AM EST on New Year's Day.
All the details about the event can be found here:
Join us when we celebrate 2015, the year in which the Cutie Mark Crusaders got their cutie marks, and when we party into 2016 and beyond!

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Think about shipping plane ponies..... This will give shipfics a whole new meaning and bring them into a new dimension!

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Plane ponies!? Since when? I never heard of that.
That's beyond crazy! :D

Edit: There are saucy plane ponies..... I did not expect that. I did not expect plane ponies at all.
Even more than five years since the show started and almost three years since I've began to look at MLP: FiM fanwork, this fandom can still amaze and create new ponies no one would have ever imagined.
I wonder how it feels to hug a plane pony?

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>>> Post is about how to improve pony music in the fandom and how to prevent it from falling apart

>>> dogman15's biggest worry is a typo in the title
Sorry, but that had to be pointed out.

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I already wanted to say it while reading this editorial, but then Seth did it for me:

"This is where you all come in! Take a few minutes each day and check out the newer guys we post up. Every view, subscribe, download, etc helps motivate them to keep going and improve. Provide constructive feedback like you gave us. If you didn't like how something was mixed, let them know! EQD's ability to make people popular has always been in your hands."

This is really not a problem of the music getting boring or repetitive. It's also not a problem of the new pony musicians being not as good as the old ones.
It's a problem of people not checking the music anymore because they go with the default assumption that everything is just the same over and over again. And that's just not true.
I'm listening to fandom music big-style since I became active here on EQD on July 17th 2013. In the years since that day, I went through the MotD posts on many days and even more than two years after I began with that, I'm still not bored by the music. Because I see that, while the genres are the same, the styles of new pony musicians are still unique.
Look up what music MathematicPony, Rossiboys or Outside the Day made for Season 5, just to name a few.
Or if you feel more like oldschool, then check out Sights Unseen. Bronies on YouTube call him the new Aviators because his style and his voice are very similar to Aviators' and yet he still adds his own style to the mix.
The good music that was there during the start of the fandom is still all out there, delivered by different musicians, but still the same quality nonetheless. You just have to go look for it and listen to it!
Take half an hour per day, after work maybe, and click through the MotD posts, playlist and download what you like and give the musician some feedback on YouTube, especially if you think the music could improve. If you do that, then you will see that the quality of pony music hasn't changed and neither got boring to listen to.
And you will also help pony musicians to get better by providing feedback, which means, if you want better pony music, then show the musicians how to do it better!
The brony fandom is a community, after all. Pony musicians can't get big and successful and better in their music without fans who encourage and support them and we can't get even better and more pony music without doing something for it by supporting the musicians with upvotes and feedback.
Everyone in the fandom has a bit of responsibility to maintain it and to prevent it from stagnating and that's why we all must work together and support our artists as good as we can.

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Not understanding that I only said that ponifying a work with humans is more creative and original, as opposed to just switching out the humans for other humans, and not that all works that were about humans right from the start are bad and then trying to cover that up with sarcasm and cynicism doesn't make you look intelligent, Snork, even if you think it does. :3

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That's an interesting idea for an event. But I'm sceptical about it.
Creating pony videos takes a lot of time, even if we talk about a simple PMV. Setting a goal for that will be too strenous with the hard work that making pony videos means, so I doubt that many will participate.

>>>Windows Movie Maker for Windows users if you don't have any money to buy a program.<<<

Recommending Windows software is not a good idea. Unless you want to get driven insane by bugs or sudden crashes.
If you want something that is free, use Lightworks:

>>>and do keep in mind that it's polite to ask others if you want to use their content.<<<

While it is being polite to ask, one should also keep in mind that a "No" (and obeying to that "No", of course) will also lead to it that potential for a great fanfic reading, for example, gets lost with that, which would be a pity.
And since creating something on the basis of someone else's work doesn't hurt an artist or his original work, it should be thought about if that "No" is really justified or if it's just the artist being petty and not blindly followed.
I see way too many artists saying no just because they can and because they are incredibly overprotective of their art to an extent where it gets silly and who scream around the word "art thief" without really knowing the meaning of the word.
In the worst case, if you use someone else's art for a project of yours despite the artist said no to it, you make the artist mad at you. But you also can create something new and perhaps beautiful in the process and enrich the fandom with more material, which is compensating for the artist's wrath.
Art and creativity are supposed to be free, so don't let yourself getting intimidated by an artist who is petty and overprotective of his art by abandoning a project with potential because the artist doesn't approve of it.
Just credit the artist whose work you're using and it'll be fine.