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Awake, I'd say look to South Africa, Zimbabwe and the rest for 'minority white' examples. In the case of these two, running the 'Euro-Africaan' farmers off the land has led to a crash in food production. Should Britain go this route without Civil War, we'd probably see a third-world type devolution of Britain's economic system. Just Guessing...

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BostonPatriot, yes, it's not much of a stretch to guess that the Muslim undercurrent will resort to more 7/7 - style attacks whenever possible. It's in part fueled by imam Choudry and others encouraging sedition, separatism and supremacism. All of it's backed by Islam, which sanctifies violence and 'holy hate.' It's simply a matter of time and demography if one accepts 'percentage Muslim popluation' arguments on how the jihad proceeds. Twentieth century history indicates that the higher the percentage population, the more rigid and coercive the jihad becomes.

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It will be easy to predict the future of Britain, should this inverted accommodation trend continue. Simply look to the past -- Beirut from 1975 to 1990 would be a telling example. Allowing each of several competing ideological systems to 'run its own shop' in Britain will lead to Civil War. The same applies in any other Western European nation as well. Multiculturism and Identity politics will lead to Beruit-style destruction. Multiculturism leads to division along regressive lines of thinking. Identity politics lead to win/lose based on negatives ( i.e., perceived prejudice, victimhood, et cetera) Allowing a society to travel along these vectors long enough and with Islamic supremacism as a driving force will lead to blood. Look at all the examples in history, the most precient is Beirut of course, maybe followed by Bosnia/Serbo-Croatia of the early 1990s.

Something wicked this way comes is not just a pat phrase out of Science Fiction. This whole thing isn't just a thought experiment.

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Look at the picture. The two women are most certainly threats to the Islamic Republic of Iran and all it stands for. Indeed.

I do pray for Christians persecuted because of faith. I also think it's important to pray for the peaceful conversion of Muslims to Christianity. I do this because in accounts and testimony I've read, the road to Damascus ( as in Paul's story) is an easier path for believing Muslims to follow than others -- atheism for example.

Praying for a change in heart, mind and soul in those who would persecute you is a high calling and difficult to do, but is important and healthy. It keeps the proper perspective on things. Muslims are people and are capable of change. Many would change if they had the means. Praying for them might help that. Also, doing this sort of praying keeps one's perspective 'healthy', i.e., not giving in to hate and focusing positive energy on the crime/problem.

Still, resisting jihad and supremacism in all its forms through all means up to armed struggle remains necessary and righteous. People can still pray for their persecuters while fighting them in the streets.

May the hearts, minds and souls of those under Islamic control be free of its evil. Amen.

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It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. Jesus, not ISSA

What's more evil than deliberate corruption of children in this manner? Seriously. If Cosmic Justice does exist, a heavy price will be paid for crimes like this.

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Agreed -- Moderate Muslims will not be able to wrest control of the agenda for several reasons. First of all, Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah’s eternal word, was not moderate. Since Mohammed is 'The Perfect Example for Men in all times and places', ( Qur'an 33.21), moderates have no legitimacy when admonishing other Muslims to stop the extremist acts Mohammed himself did. Also, the Qur’an condones violence and coercion to further the Islamic agenda. People whom we call moderates are labeled hypocrites by Allah Himself in the Qur’an. Moderates will always lose the argument because, as ex-Muslim author Ibn Warraq says, “There may be moderates in Islam but Islam itself is not moderate.”

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Mehrab means the place of war, the place of fighting.

محراب يعنی مكان حرب ، يعنی مكان جنگ

Out of the mehrabs, wars should proceed,

از محرابها بايد ، جنگ پيدا شود

Just as all the wars of Islam used to proceeded out of the mehrabs.

چنانكه بيشتر جنگهای اسلام از محرابها پيدا ميشد

The prophet has [had] sword to kill people..

پيغمبر شمشير دارد تا آدم بكشد

Our [Holy] Imams were quite military men.

ائمه ما همگی چندی ، نظامی بودند

All of them were warriors.

همگی جنگی بودند

They used to wield swords; they used to kill people.

شمشير ميكشيدند ، آدم ميكشتند

We need a Khalifa who would chop hands, cut throat, stone people

ما خليفه ميخواهيم كه دست ببرد ، حد بزند ، رجم كند

In the same way that the messenger of God used to chop hands, cut throats, and stone people.

همانطور كه رسول الله دست ميبريد ، حد ميزد ، رجم ميكرد

In the same way that he massacred the Jews of Bani Qurayza because they were a bunch of discontent people.

همانطور كه يهود بنی قريظه را ، چون جماعتی ناراضی ! ... بودند قتل عام كرد

If the Prophet used to order to burn a house or exterminate a tribe that was justice.

اگر رسول الله فرمان داد كه فلان خانه را آتش بزنيد ، فلان طايفه را از بين ببريد ، حكم به عدل كرده است

The lives of people must be secured through punishment.

زندگی بشر را بايد به قصاص تامين كرد

Because, the protection of the masses lies beneath these very punitive executions.

زيرا حمايت توده ، زير اين قتل قصاصی ، خوابيده است

With just a few years of imprisonment things don�t get fixed.

با چند سال زندان كار درست نميشود

You must put aside these childish sentimentalism.

اين عواطف بچه گانه را كنار بگذاريد

We believe that the accused essentially does not have to be tried. He or she must just be killed.

ما معتقديم كه مجرم اصولا محاكمه ندارد و بايد او را كشت

Only their identity is to be established and then they should be killed.

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If we do not kill them, each one of them that gets out, will become a murderer!

اگر ما اينها را نكشيم ، هر يكی شان كه بيايد بيرون ميرود آدم ميكشد

They don�t become humans.

... آدم نميشوند اينها

Why do you Mullahs only go after the ordinances of prayer and fasting?

شما ، علما چرا فقط سراغ احكام نماز و روزه ميرويد

Why do you only read the Quranic verses of mercy and do not read the verses of killing?

چرا هی آيات رحمت در قرآن را ميخوانيد و آيات قتال را نميخوانيد

Quran says; kill, imprison!

قرآن ميگويد بكشيد ، حبس كنيد

Why are you only clinging to the part that talks about mercy?

چرا شما همان طرفش را گرفته ايد كه صحبت از رحمت ميكند

Mercy is against God.

رحمت مخالف با خداست

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How is it different now than it was in 1981?
How is it different now than it was in Ali's time?

<a href="" target="_blank">

Khomeini's speech on the day of celebration of the birth of Muhammad: 1981

سخنرانی آقای خمينی
سالروز تولد رسول اسلام , سال 1360
The real Day of God is the day that Amir al mo�menin drew his sword and slaughtered all the khavarej and killed them from the first to the last.

يوم الله واقعی روزی است كه امير المؤ منين عليه السلام ، شمشيرش را كشيد و خوارج را از اول تا به آخر درو كرد و تمامشان را كشت

The Days of God are when Allah, the gracious, the almighty, causes an earthquake.

ايام الله روزهائی است كه خداوند تبارك و تعالی يك زلزله ای وارد ميكند

It is when He slaps on the face.

يك سيلی را وارد ميكند

It is when he causes a hurricane.

يك توفانی را وارد ميكند

He whips this people to become humans.

به اين مردم شلاق ميزند كه ، آدم بشوند

If the Amir al mo�menin wanted to be tolerant, he would not have drawn his sword killing 700 people in one go

امير المؤمنين اگر بنا بود مسامحه كند شمشير نميكشيد تا 700 نفر را يكدفعه بكشد

In our prisons we have more of the same kind of people who are corrupt.

در حبس های ما هم بيشتر از اين اشخاص هستند ، كه مفسدند

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right on