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The core problem here, as is always with Muslims who try to defend the indefensible position of Islam, is why these so-called "moderate" Muslims choose to attack Spencer for simply stating a current fact about Sunni jurisprudence, which these "scholars" have unwittingly agreed with, as opposed to pointing explicitly to their self-proposed written condemnation of those Islamic schools.

Why? Well, the short answer is that their condemnation of the rulings of Sunni jurisprudence simply doesn't exist. It is all apologia and obfuscation. They agree with Spencer (because they have to) but are simply upset at him for stating these truths publicly about Islam.

An unmistakable "line in the sand" needs to be drawn by western philosophy, hearkened upon by each and every single inhabitant in the non-muslim western community.

No other logical conclusion I fear, will suffice.

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Silly me, and I thought it was merely "boredom" that was the main catalyst that compels Muslims to engage in violent offensive Jihad.

Marisol pointed out this ridiculous rationalization long ago here at JW. All these absurd, yet deliberately offered peripheral reasons that lead to the same conclusion as enacted physically by Muslims worldwide....violent offensive Jihad.

This is of course, exclusive to the Muslim community alone, but why split hairs?

Another sure bet. All those involved should be simply labeled as "misunderstanders" of Islam and their own core doctrinal texts and tenets, but logically, how can all these "misunderstanders" all arive at the same "erroneous", yet consistent conclusion....violent offensive Jihad?

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Some might even say that the youths are disgruntled.

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And I all but guarantee that every "moderate" Muslim website and organization will not offer a syllable of praise for this Muslim turning on his brother, but rather they will offer scorn and a promise of eternal hellfire for him.

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*cue the crickets.

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My God bless and keep Joanna. You are all in my prayers.

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"...our nation has forgotten that true celebration should only occur with the conquest of the capitals of the world by the message of Islam, in order to save and liberate humanity, by pulling the people out of the darkness and tyranny of capitalism into the light and justice of Islam."

The central tenet of Islam, proclaimed loud and clear for all to hear.

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Brutal, end-around!

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"That you need to ask is a pretty sad reflection on yourself."

I don't understand how asking a question is a sad reflection on myself.

"What do you think my answer is?"

I do not presume to know what your answer is, hence the question. In the prefacing of the question, I definately revelaed my opinion of what the answer would be for me and simply asked if you agreed or not.

Try answering the question, like I did when it was posed inversely by you to me. It really isn't that difficult, so I fail to comprehend your reluctance to do so.

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"While Islam has historically conquered by the sword, of late it is conquering via demographics, democratic institutions and frivolous lawsuits, as well as public schools and universities, as it is doing in Europe and places such as Dearborn."

"Mr. Marszalek, the wrestling coach, has learned something about Islam. The rest of American had better learn, too."

The rest is merely reporting on the details of the lawsuit. Based on that, if the allegations against Imad Fadlallah are proven to be false and slanderous, then for sure he is entitled to seek financial retribution from those who are accusing him.

This editorial writer on the otherhand, is exercising [his] right to free speech and focused [his] criticism on Islam, not Fadlallah, with the purported details of this case as support for [his] argument, so no, [he] is not subject to a defamation lawsuit.

I am still awaiting your answer, Abby.