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I recommend Twilight Princess over Ocarina, which I didn't care for, either.

And you might look at the original Zelda. Some people still prefer that to later iterations; they differ so much from one to the next that it's tough to tell which ones will hit the right notes.

Which Zelda game "wasn't a real one," out of curiosity?

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Some games do reward you for playing, actually. Red Dead Redemption and Modern Warfare 2 spring to mind.

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I've actually come to rather like my Avatar, and enjoy the opportunity to use it in games when it presents itself. My disappointment comes from the lack of games which make use of them, not including Indie Games.

I do check out my friends on that spinning list, though usually just newly-added ones or those active online.

Finally, if it takes longer for the next generation to come about, then no problems here. Odds are that the longer it takes, the better it will be. If those graphics of the future were what you really wanted, rather than what 360 provides, perhaps you should have sat out this generation.

Of course, once the 720 or whatever they call it comes out, people will be calling for better graphics still after about two years in, so... whatever. I'm tired of chasing that proverbial dragon.

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In the movie? Pauline wasn't in the movie.

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Luigi has been portrayed a coward since his debut. Look up the commercial or comic book ad for the original Mario Bros. on Atari, then check out the animated portion of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

And he could still jump higher in Super Mario Galaxy, too.

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Purely as an enhancement effect... seeing the various stuff in space shoot past Mario and toward us as he soars through the galaxy does have a certain allure.

Otherwise? Meh.

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Video games aren't movies, and they're not toys. They're... get ready for it... games. Sort of where the two ideas converge, that's what video games are.

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I don't like Fox News any more than anyone else, but this story takes on a different light with that photograph of the controllers. And the article doesn't really blame Nintendo at all, certainly not to any degree that is comparable to the Sexbox story. Best as I can tell, they reported it just like anyone else.

They didn't speculate that the girl thought it was a Wii controller, or make any further implications against Nintendo or video games beyond that. They said that the mother stated she thought that is what happened, and the picture (which I hadn't seen associated with any articles until now) makes it VERY clear as to why that might be the case.

They could have done more, such as include the above point that legally, the tip should have been orange. Who even makes a peripheral like that one? Where are these things found? Questions like these could and should have been addressed, perhaps, but it's pretty much a bare-bones retelling of the same story everyone else has.

Incidentally, I think "terrible parents," true or not, would be passing judgment in the headline which would not belong. Everyone says that Fox News isn't as "fair and balanced" as they claim to be, yet when they take a neutral position for once, people are finding something else to be upset about.

Believe it or not, "Mother Says Girl Thought Loaded Gun Was Wii Controller" is a factual headline, as that is indeed what the mother had apparently said. Even the WSMV Nashville story linked says the same thing, even if they did not get so specific in the headline.

I do think that the gun being left where it could be reached easily on the end-table is a valid point to note, but equally so with the reason why the girl might have been attracted to the eerily similar-looking firearm in the first place.

This whole event is tragic, and should never have happened. I'm no fan of firearms myself, but I just don't think the blame is being shifted in this version of the story to Nintendo/gaming as much as people are saying.

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That's precisely what I was thinking of when I first saw the headline.

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Trust me, there are plenty of people who will want to play as Bass. And he has other things going on as well.

The rest of the DLC is pretty much like what was in MM9, though. And Proto Man is a freebie this time, too.