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On no, now your all mad at me because you read my comment wrong.

Maybe you should read it again, because i never said i dont believe in casual gamers playing casual games or listening to podcasts, but i do have a problem with my hardcore-gaming podcast taking such a LARGE PORTION of the podcast to talk about casual gaming.

Yet, you all took it personally and were quick to put me down.

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I really dont know what you guys were thinking when you read that long, LONG email with the girl complaining about hardcore games "shutting her out."

We dont listen to your podcast to hear about some casual gamer who was baffled and confused about video games before the Wii. We know there are tons of "gamers" like this, but do we want to hear about them? No.

And for your information, i WAS born a hard-core gamer.

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most of the things im excited for in '09 were already announced (Crystal Bearers, Kingdom Hearts, Phatasy Star, Conduit, Gridner, etc) but i still liked this year's nintendo E3.

but it wasnt as good as Micro's

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(0:17:31) Wii is "weak" according to Miyamoto?

hello? Medal of honor heroes 2 has 32 players online, conduit has 12, and nintendo cant handle a 2.5-D platformer with 4 players?!?!?!

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or maybe they could include an online multiplayer disc to boost sales? or rename the game to "Metroid prime hunters 2"???? please?!?

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good review. i dont think the game needs online multiplayer, though. it would be nice, but im not really hoping they add it in the next game.

yes. i own the game. i give it a 8.25 if anyone cares

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wow, andrew got like EVERYTHING wrong!

anyway, could you put these podcast.... boxes on the front page like you used to. that way i know when a new podcast is here without booting up iturnes

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thats fine with me, i mean its optional, right?

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brawls online was pretty crappy with this, now it'll be 3 times crappier

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this is good.

also, i just want to say that a metroid game with more action and less backtracking and puzzles is good. very good.