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I would like to ask him, when is he going to apologize to AMERICANS????

10 years ago @ Big Peace - Obama Slashes Soldiers... · 2 replies · +13 points

And hope and pray, that he does not lie, swindle and voter-fraud his way to a second term.

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I hope, one day OBAMA will be playing there..with Soros, Holder, Pelosi, Franks, etc etc

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After reading this article, and going on obama's track record when it comes to defending the USA and her soldiers, I actually became sick to my stomach.
I'm scratching my head wondering, how it is we still allow someone like obama reside in the White House? It's time to impeach him, evict him and strip him of all titles and responsibilities that were so falsly given to him.

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he also had his lips puckered up and firmly planted on BH rear...

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did he apologize before or after kissing each and every muslims' behind (including poss. terrorists)?

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Wow...the folks from huff po took a break long enough from kissing ____, sucking ______ , and taking it up the ______ to write this article? Someone must have a headache at the office.

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SNL :Obama's campaign series for the un-educated...

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I agree, when we honor those who've died because of over-dose or heavy drug use with the same honor who've died from enemy bullet, bombs, shrapnel, etc...we are slapping every veteran who gave their all and at the same time telling them, "see, you could've recieved a hell of a lot more awards and respect if you'd only knew how to sing"...(No direct dis-respect to the late Ms Houston).
Granted Whitney should recieve some recognition, and at the same time foks around the country should recognize the fact that she WAS able to pursue her fame and happiness was because of our veternans' selfless duty to Country.
Then again, she DID perform one of the best rendition of the Star Spangled Banner ever.

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"it is the right of THE PEOPLE, it is their solemn duty to stop such abuses and usurpations in order to protect our natural rights."

It's unfortunate how too few Americans read this and understand what it means...