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I'm guessing Ferrell hasn't seen the trailer for the RDJ version of Sherlock because they happen to be making a comedic version as well. Maybe not the same kind of comedy, but still a funnier version of Sherlock than we've(the public) ever seen.

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The upgrade looks great, Peter. I can still remember when /Film 2.0 launched 2+ years ago. And I'll still be reading /Film when 4.0 rolls out as well.

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The IMAX nearest to my house (2 miles away) falls somewhere in the middle. The screen size is 44x70 and is $12.50 a ticket (compared to a non-matinee $9.50 ticket price). For me it's worth the three dollar charge because I only see three maybe four films per year in this format. But I would feel Very different if the screen was only 28x58 and cost $15.00.

IMAX needs to clarify to all of it's customers the difference between the two different formats of IMAX... because they stand to lose the only thing they have of value... they're name, IMAX.

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Completely Agree! I began listening to the show around 7:30pm, and didn't stop until 2:30am. Yep... 7 hours of Chen and company made for a very fun evening.

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Really Great Interview, Dave.

Rian Johnson is becoming one of my favorite young writer/director's working today. And I can't wait to see him jump into my favorite genre, SCI-FI.

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I was just about to post the same thing. Good Catch.

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Hey, I like me some Rob Zombie films... (Although, I think Halloween(2007) is his weakest film thus far)

But I think this new footage looks shockingly bland. Although, that doesn't mean I'll write the film off completely, only that I'll be waiting for the DVD release to actually find out.

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I've seen all of them except for The Birth of a Nation, Battleship Potemkin, Stagecoach, and 42nd Street. (Guess I need to start catching up on some of the classic's again)

And, of course, some my favorites on the list included Metropolis, Rashomon, and Psycho.

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Good Call. Can't believe I didn't catch that. We can only hope the film can somehow over-perform the normally bad Box Office take on Halloween weekend.

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"Zack and Miri" is really not the best reason to quote here. That film actually made MUCH more on Halloween(Saturday - 4.8m) than it did on Opening Day(Friday - 2.2m). And Kelly's film has one thing Z&M didn't have, a Horror/Thriller theme.

But I do agree October 30th may not be the best release date for Warner Bros to choose. Oh well, lets just hope they don't hide the film from their marketing department.