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AJ Day Every Day.

That Faux comic. It stole my heart. But given it's always belonged to AJ, I guess it isn't really stealing.

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I thought it was a Disney project. lol I am not surprised ONE BIT by this sort of thing from Sony. Have you SEEN how these people discuss 'creative' direction with people? Hell, if you haven't read the Sony mails for the MLP movie at the very least then you should! lol

'Creative difference' means Sony wants something fast and cheap, Lauren wanted something with integrity that could have costed Sony probably a pinch more in animation and voice over dollars. :P

It's okay, it was doomed to end this way eventually with a Sony Pictures film. It's THEIR WAY or THEIR WAY. There are no compromises at Sony Studios. Oh well, now that we know it'll just be some lame love story where she wins the guy at the end I suppose there's no point in going to see the movie now. :P

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Now that was a sweet Episode Follow-Up.

So long, Amy Keaton Rogers. Knock'em dead over at Disney!

Also, seems Amy Keaton couldn't help bring along some ponies with her in the form of first year's Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Diamond Tiara: Just look at those colors and designs.

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Sonic Underground did it better.

<insert several other shows that did it better>

Friendship is Magic? I sort of wish they hadn't wasted an episode on this overdone hillbilly feuding.

This episode really proves my point of how uninspired the writing has become. A whole season long to see what Twilight ends up with and we end up with... hillbillies. Ponies trying to legit kill each other with shovels and wood piercing carrots.

Highlights of the episode would be the opening. Twilight getting a tomato to the face. Twilight having to cast a spell on her vocals to be heard from a distance. Fluttershy playing up Twilight and showing how highly she thinks of her friend. Fluttershy getting to be the one in the spotlight for once without having others fix the problems for her.

Subjective point
De-powering Twilight Sparkle to counter how powerful she's become since showcasing her physical and magical prowess back in *Castle Mane-ia*. This feels more like they don't want unicorns to be classed to be as strong as alicorns but not impossible if you study REALLY hard like Starlight Glimmer.

Overall this is now my *least* favorite episode. Yeah, games ponies play finally got beat. This was played far too formulaic and let's really hope we don't end up with nothing but writing this bad in s6.

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You can never have enough Luna sisters. <3

Hope you can at least figure some way to implement a glide feature for later game puzzles and such. Platforming and figuring ways to get to places seem fun. Maybe some day in the far off future little Kitrini can be used to go through tight openings Astrum can't get through and possibly have a FF6's Relm where she can make more copies of herself to solve puzzles or distract enemies. You know, when she ever discovers the magic or innate ability for it. Who knows. Game has tons of potential. Have fun experimenting!

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A whole year without any pony? It'll practically be a ghost town in this fandom by the time they air the next season. Eh, it would only mean lower toy sales on Hasbro's end so it balances itself out I guess. :P

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That's a damn fine Alpha. Way to showcase the raw potential of what a Next Gen pony came can be like!

I would play the hell out of an Alpha demo. It'd STILL have less bugs than Assassin's Creed Unity. And this already looks nicer. xD

Honestly the clothing and mane look gorgeous. The VA for Erris(?) is doing an adorably good job. And Celestia looking one is just smooth as silk. Great cast so far! Love that Witcher 3 vibe it gives off despite I suppose looking more Skyrim? Feels very Witcher 3 at least. Hope the snowball fight has the spell greatly reduced in speed or show you levitate multiple snow balls to make the rapit hits look reasonable. Speed could still be reduced to on the projectile a tad as well.

That run spell or whatever that was looked real pretty. Amazing job. That's the best Alpha anything I've seen. Princess of Art. That's too cute. Loved the whole talk about the moon. xD


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I love how some think Hasbro is some misguided company solely out to 'protect' their IP. Nope. Like I've been saying. And proven right correctly. He got C&D because he made a background pony POPULAR. TOO popular.

Now. How does Hasbro use this to make the the numbers for the show go up? Throw in a scene or two of Button in the next season!

They always wanted a likavle male pony to be used more on the show. Easing in Jan's hard word into making some mostly seasons unused background colt that all but had under 3 seconds screen time popular and they have a pony that can become a potential side character in S6!

Low and behold... AS PREACHED! BUTTON MASH appears in S5 in Slice of Life! THEN thrown in AGAIN in the 5th Anniversary episode where animators were clearly confused which color to go with as they actually used JAN'S darker brown over the lighter one they used in other scenes.

In CotLM here, Button even gets a bit part in the song (just yells out a short blurb) AND appears a lot in this episode, including a scene with Tiara and ends up IN THE FREAKING END PICTURE!

A character they had ZERO INTERESTS in EVER using throughout ALL the seasons beyond his TWO micro appearances, and NOW Hasbro, whose STEALING AND RIDING OFF OF JAN ANIMATION'S POPULARITY has his FAN RECOGNITION he gave to that particular background pony.

Now... How does Hasbro make people FORGET about Jan? Make him... UN-famous?

SIMPLE! You C&D the guy into not being allowed to produce any new content with ponies. You FORCE him to take down any video that can be pointed to as the SOURCE of the success you're hoping to milk before the fandom forgets about him.

Fandom upset mad? Play the "Nice Guy" and allow him to reupload the most famous youtube video that STARS the pony they want to milk. Top it off with the SLEAZIEST and SCUMMIEST and most COMMON TRICK LAWYERDOM and STALL FOR TIME.

Fandom lose interests quickly when the source of their entertainment is unable to provide them with newer content. Fans move on. Fans will always remember that brown colt as Button Mash. Might watch the show or buy his toys. Hasbro rakes in money they didn't earn.

Jan got played super hard. Hasbro is all about numbers. About CAPITALISM. These are the same people who REFUSED to invest NEW money for a movie. Money that had to be split between a SEASON and a NEW spin-off of that series. Yeah, S3 13 ep and EQG movie shared the budget between the two projects.

Same company that just went "Huh, apparently if we refuse to air new episodic content for a full straight year for our toy line people stop buying our products and lose interest in our brand."

Yeah, don't forget DHX is NOT running the show here. They work for a bunch of close-minded OLD THINKING and very NUMBERS DRIVEN people. Jan should have hired a lawyer from the start. Fans would have showered him with funds ages ago. Hell, we HAVE lawyers who are bronies!

TL;DR: HASBRO: "Just as Keikaku" - (Translation: "Keikaku" means "Plan")

Hey, JAN! Big question. *cough* Did you happen to stop getting responses after Slice of Life?

They were probably about done or starting to animate Crusaders of the Lost Mark around that point. Whenever Hasbro gave the SPECIFIC MANDATE to ADD BUTTON MASH into that episode is probably when they just straight up chose to ignore you.

Keep in mind, animation is the final step in FiM. It only takes several weeks at MOST to do it and they tackle THREE EPS at a time, if I recall correctly they always do these animation process two months before an episode is due to air, which is why we always get the episode that finishes first of the three to air.

Hasbro. You're damn dirty. Filthy. Disgusting. Heartless. Selfish. Crooks. I can't wait for S6 to see who voices Button.

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Dat Wut face xD Trixie makes the best antagonist. Why, show, couldn't we have gotten more Trixie throughout the series? D:

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Oh sweet Luna, YES! THIS story! All my love for this story! xD
It's basically Lord of the Rings without actually copying from Lord of the Rings. xD

Great friendshipping, self-discovery, and overall character growth and lore building awesomeness.