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12 years ago @ - What a bunch of bunk! If I don't agree with you by backing Bachmann or Santorum... I'm a racist??? WOW! Way to lose a loyal fan! You better reconsider that remark and do it quickly or I will be canceling my subscription to GBTV! I have no respect for ANYONE who uses the race card as an argument for why they THINK I am wrong! That is just CRAZY and I have lost a lot of respect for Beck for using it!

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Great video! Really shows what we're up against. A bunch of indoctrinated fools!

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Andrew... I had not heard about your project. It sounds fantastic and I look forward to seeing what is happening in school rooms around the country!

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Good! Move now!

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Wow... what a stupid woman. Her stuttering throughout her comments was proof that she was trying to convince people of something she KNEW was untrue. Liberals twisting the truth until it is no longer recognizable as the truth is nothing new... it's their normal operating procedure.

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Yikes! We're in trouble if this represents our "highly" educated youth! Ask them in 20 years when they are participating in the "real" world if they are STILL democrats!

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