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I agree that Breitbart stood up to bullies. But he did so much *more* than that as well. He sought the bullies out.

He was the only one on our side who went on offense rather than simply play defense.

He was a fighter of a different breed.

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Because you can do something doesn't mean you should. A real man knows this.

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How many of our 'artists' and 'journalists' grew up aspiring to be polito-bureau hacks, do you think?

I wonder if they ever, ever have moments -- perhaps late at night, all by themselves -- where the thought intrudes in their minds just for a moment before being swept aside.

I mean, of course, that thought that reminds them that rather than 'speaking truth to power' they've become cogs in the Statist machine, mere functionaries of a governmental behemoth that neither recognizes nor appreciates them but only uses them until no longer convenient.....

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Thanks, OzarksAbe. I agree. Let the families grieve; spare the politics for the moment.

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At this point, the problem lies less with Obama and more with the palace guard that surrounds him. Get through their wall of silence so that people can see him for what he truly is, and he would be cast aside.

Sites like Breitbart's and others help; Fox News does too, to some extent. But it's still not enough. If something doesn't change, they might just be able to carry this guy past the goal line in November.

His approval ratings should be in the 20s....

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And Democrats are literally trying to insert metal tongs into the skulls of helpless, unborn babies.

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What does Trump know about electability? Or likability? Or anything?

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Around 1:30, Kurtz explains that David Brock can't come on *because he has a book coming out soon*.

Since when does someone with a book coming out PASS UP an opportunity to be on national television? Good, critical thinking there, Kurtz!

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Pass Keystone now!

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I'd pay good money to have them pepper spray the goofy people taunting him as well.