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Congrats Amy! Glad to know that your wonderful talent has been recognized by Disney!

I'm sure her wonderful talent will help to make Disney better, don't you agree?

We'll just miss her grand pony episodes, but maybe this will give opportunities to different writers to step up! :D

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My Biology senses were tingling...I want that Gummy card! :D

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Rainbow seems to be the most popular, and is that her father down there on the bottom too?

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Trombones are clearly the best instrument. That is all.

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Yep! Hi Sparta!

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*The scene fades out* *Scene reopens with Applebloom in Dreamscape, while Princess Luna awaits off Stage Right to make her appearance.*

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I think this episode was really well written, and I welcome the new writers! I especially love how in the end, they still couldn't help themselves and still incorporated a bit of themselves into the castle by individually taking a room to decorate. AJ taking the kitchen totally fits, as well as Rarity having the banquet hall, and even Rainbow Dash dressing up the library...I feel like just that little bit of extra thought into what each character would decorate helped to make this episode even more special.

Also, I'm still surprised to know that the canon job for Snowflake is a masseuse. And the song was really catchy and cute, and it was nice to hear a little difference in how Rainbow Dash normally sings! Also gotta love the Spike photobomb in that main photo.

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I feel like this is going to result in them trying to please Twilight with their own likes instead of Twilight's...unless they're all going to have like little apartments rooms in that castle where they're all going to live their own separate rooms...then I guess all that stuff they're bringing is ok.

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A few little words makes all the difference. Time to simmer down that hype train...but who knows, maybe they could still get their cutie marks in this episode? It's all a possibility...

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395 converted. progress is closer to completion. never enough.