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I saw one other person mention the role of employers in this cycle but I would like to see what others have to say about how this change would impact the employment prospects of individuals who do not go to college.
Currently, the employment system seems deeply biased towards degreed individuals based on the theory that a degree is a sign of intellectual quality and hard work (however dubious the reality may be). Even if a degree has no relation to the work being done, employers demand a degree because they can.

What would the end of the FFA and ubiquitous degrees have on the job market and how would that work?
It seems like there would be a whole wave of young people that would be lost during the period between degrees becoming less available and and businesses being willing to accept non-degreed workers as equally valuable. Plus, if there are few decent jobs available to non-degreed individuals during this period, how would that support the argument that people can just work and save up to go to college?

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As if the movie being by & about the SEALS (and not being a hit job) isn't enough red meat, this is a fantastic soundtrack! Frankly, anything with Trace Adkins & Montgomery Gentry is an automatic success in my book. Now...if they just offer it within driving distance of my town.

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As soon as the radio trailer opened with "The movie the Catholic Church doesn't want you too see!" I stopped listening. I don't even care if the movie could be good, the marketing pisses me off. Another faux-documentary depicting 'those crazy/corrupt Catholics' is so low on my list of movies to watch it doesn't even register. Pick a different faith for a change.

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Isn't it great? Almost as much fun as dealing with Paulbots!

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Ruffalo who? I'm watching Avengers for two reasons: Ironman & Robert Downey Jr. (Fine, Captain America might be another good reason...ish)

I don't care what some random, raging green guy has to say & he is NOT ruining my movie! And who here thinks the fans will be screaming his name on the red carpet? Nope, RDJ & Chris Evans all the way.

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I have to agree with you. Besides the fact that his statement didn't really make that much sense, I didn't interpret this quote, in & of itself as the Avengers endorsing OWS. Whatever Ruffalo has said elsewhere this quote doesn't do it for me.

And really, a team does have to give up certain things in order to create a cohesive group. Military members give up certain aspects of free speech and subject themselves to greater restrictions than the rest of the population because that's the way teams sometimes work.

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The only semi-protest, or at least social commentary songs of 2011 have come from country artists, but I doubt Kix Brooks' "Cost of Living," Eric Church's "Smoke a Little Smoke," or Aaron Lewis' "Country Boy" are the type of commentary they are looking for.
But really, how/what are the other genres going to protest? Rap, R&B, and Pop are completely in the tank and Rock and Metal are having an identity crisis. (Seriously, when did Rock become pro-control & conformity? Did I miss a memo?)

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Smaug had better be the best dragon on screen, ever. Fortunately, it's Peter Jackson & WETA so I'm relatively confident. I am soooooo excited for this to come out. I love that the way Peter Jackson turns Tolkein's books into watchable movies doesn't make me either A) hate the book, or B) turn into a stuffy detail-groupie because the plot line is THAT screwed up & wrong.

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I would watch it without eyecandy but I'm certainly not going to complain if it's there!

Kiri and Thorin are both pretty gorgeous, but even better, I've heard rumors that Elladan & Elrohir may show up (which, considering their sister, should be interesting), Plus, we will get to see Legolas's daddy at some point.
So, I'm pretty happy with the eyecandy factor, and completely unashamed by it.

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No, what we need is someone who actually has a platform and goals. Newt & Romney have "visions" but those are about as coherent as an LSD trip. I've had three years of wincing over the great orator's news conferences (before he stopped giving them after the press actually asked him real questions). I'm fine with another Texan.

I'll take a Texan, Alaskan, Floridian, Wisconsinite, basically anyone who can do the job. Santorum & Huntsman aren't memorable, Newt & Romney can't figure out their political leanings, Bachmann is acting like a stereotypical hysterical female, and Paul as President has no power to accomplish the stuff he wants without resorting to Executive Order.

Perry is memorable, consistent, steady, and has a limited set of major goals to accomplish.