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Western New York on board for NOV.2010 revolution.

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The push comes from an effort from elitists which are lobbying an agenda for more free trade such as NAFTA. Big companies in the USA are outsourcing labor to undeveloped nations , cheap labor. The largest cost for manufacturing is labor and then transportation. When we loosened our trading standards we allowed this outsourcing which is tantamount to slave labor. I believe this will develop into raising the standard of living to these under developed countries at the cost of lowering the standard of living in the US. Now that the corporate elitists have gotten the cheap labor they will next set up to decrease costs associated with transportation, ie infrastructure.

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Ya'll need to go to this site and sign the petition - www.webcommentary.com - it is easy. We need to protect our sovereignty, the Copenhagen Treaty has got to be stopped. There were only 13 thousand signatures - it should have a million by now !!!!

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Economically speaking, unemployment lags behind growth, these indicators do not mean the economy is in recovery but it is trying. The gov't will disrupt growth again - the attack is on our economy and the efforts to redistribute our wealth. which will bring this country down to an equal level with the EU.

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In following Barney (elmer fudd) Frank logic - If a corporate exec takes a high risk gamble and it works well, he gets compensated- if it fails he should be discompensated, right ?
Well , if congress takes a gamble such as affordable housing for all (as stated by Elmer (Barney Frank ) Fudd and causes the economy to almost crumble should he be discompensated?
Half of the problem with these lame brains in congress is that when they blow it big time -deny, deny, deny, and blame someone else.
How this bloviator ever got into the halls of congress is beyond comprehension - but Massachusetts does do some strange things.
Barney needs a clown suit.

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Sandy Salt, do not become disenfranchised. Right now what you can do is to start getting involved with your local politics first. There is nothing much we can do to change the things going on in Washington these days. They quit listening, maybe because we stopped talking to them and went silent, I don't know. But what I do know is that the smaller the group the more you can be heard, and that CAN HAPPEN at the local level. California has recently sent a shot across the bow regarding all of the social engineering going on in that state. And the people are right, the California liberals have sold the state out and the people have noticed whoaaa this ain't working.
In my state, New Jersey we have the Gubernatorial vote coming up this fall, primaries June 2nd, the current governor Corzine has been following suit with California with a liberal agenda. His poll numbers are indicating that he ain't got a chance. Two republicans are battling right now, Christie -former Attorney General I think, and a small town mayor Lonegan. Lonegan is saying the right things, in my book, but still trails in the polls, Christie is just another typical republican by what I can tell.

Any way, things ARE changing ,it just isn't going to happen in the near term. Think of it this way --- The only way to get back to the basics in our government is to show that the liberal social equality systems that are being experimented with just flat out don't work. They didn't work in the 30's and they ain't working now. When this all comes together, I hope in 2010 there will be dancing in the streets. The message that will be sent will be the 'Change You Can Believe In' because we will be going back to what the Constitution and the Founding Fathers said.
I, like you, am scared sitting back and watching what is taking place these days, I don't know how our economy is going to recover from this mess. I am middle class and it appears as though I am heading for lower class.

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I guess the the congressmen who voted for the funding to close the Gitmo prison ( I think 4 or 5 of them ) are OK to have the prisoners there come stay with their loyal constituents. Hey Harry Reid, maybe you could show them a good time in Vegas !!!

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Taxes = taxes should be applied equally across the board and not broken down into percentiles based upon earnings. When 5% percent of the population is paying over 40% of the taxes you got problems. Fair Tax/Flat Tax both would even the board out, the taxes on businesses should be dealt with in these two options.

Illegal Immigration = levy fines on the people who employ undocumented illegal immigrants, no jobs = no problem.

1st Amendment = What's divisive about it, just abide by it, the media will do what the media does, it just depends on MSNBC finally realizing no one is listening-self correcting. Religion, do not establish a national religion. But also recognize that the Founding Fathers were OK with states setting up an accepted State Religion, like Connecticut did back in the 1700's. Separation of church and state needs to be clarified.

2nd Amendment= The Founding Fathers wanted this in the Constitution for numerous reasons- to protect ourselves from an oppressive government was one reason, to protect property, and for militia reasons, it would be hard for another country to invade us if the citizenry was armed.

Term Limits = tough one as they kinda do have term limits through the election process, BUT, this power is being abused on a daily basis by many of those "serving our interests". I think that Term Limits be imposed because of the misuse of power of the "trusted representatives".

States Rights = the several states have given up a lot of their rights to the central government, the states just simply need to grow a pair of big ones and tell uncle sugar daddy to pack his bags. The Constitution is set up for a limited central government and the powers that it has is defined and limited. The states authorities are unlimited and undefined, the problem is they gave away these authorities to the central government. This did not happen in the last few years, it has been going on, gradually at first but in hyper drive today , for nearly seventy-five years (? or there about). How do you think they took prayers out of school ? The states allowed uncle sugar daddy in to help pay for education now look what they got a high cost low outcome system.

International Law = Do you mean the UN ? Nothing and I mean NOTHING in this land should become a higher law than that of the laws in our US Constitution. Maybe we should hold our laws up to other nations.

I also feel that the Supreme Court has some issues - the court has wandered away from the Constitution also, the Butler Case, the Wagoner Act, progressive taxation, etc....

Just had to add the court stuff- we no longer have a good system of checks and balances in the country today, these checks and balances gave us comfort in that no one part of government could take away our liberty, but these days I get scared.

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I work for the emergency response branch in the US EPA. Lotsa liberals in the office - most of my time consists of field work, not in the office much - good thing.