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Yeah, I know the feeling. I used to have a very liberal friend who used to brag to me about how tolerant she was, all while being openly hostile to my Mormon beliefs. Needless to say, that friendship is over.

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Uh, that's not true, either. Black members of the church were allowed every single rite and priviledge that every other member was afforded, except for holding the priesthood. That included temple worship.

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What we believe is that most religions around the world have at least some truth in them. The degree of that truthfulness is different with each religion. There are many things Muslims believe that coincide with Christianity, just as there are many things they believe that clash with it. That portion of God's light and enlightening moral truths are the points in which our beliefs are the same. We don't agree with or approve of the points that clash with the Bible and its teachings.

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"With their earnest belief in Magical underwear and a living, Male, Caucasian, 6'2" God who lives on the Planet Kolob"

No, not so much. The "magic" of the garment is just that it reminds us to keep our covenants with our Father in Heaven. It reminds us to keep the commandments, sort of like a literal putting on of the armor of God. It's literally the equivalent of wearing a cross necklace or WWJD bracelet, except that, because it's underwear, it's not displayed on the outside.

We do believe that God has a body. If we're created in His image, and we have bodies, then why wouldn't He? If Christ was Resurrected and people touched His risen body, where did that body go, if not with Him when He ascended to Heaven? Jesus was an Israeli Jew, so I couldn't say with any certainty that the Father is caucasian, and who knows how tall He is? We also don't believe that God resides on the planet Kolob. We believe that's the planet closest to where God lives, which could be hundreds of millions of light years away.

"We think it is odd, that plural marriage, the foundation of the religion, was tossed aside with nary a whimper - ditto their restrictions against dark skinned people joining the LDS church."

Plural marriage was not the foundation of the religion. It didn't start until well after the religion was founded, and was only practiced by at most, 1/4 of the LDS population. The reasons behind it are too numerous to list here, but the most important reason was probably that the Lord decreed a restoration of all things from previous points in the Gospel. Polygamy was commonplace in the Old Testament, with many prophets engaging in the practice with the Lord's blessing. Abraham, for example, is mentioned as one of the Lord's most faithful servants, and he had several wives and concubines. Solomon did as well, and it was only a spiritual issue when he took a wife who was not of the covenant. Clearly, there are times in which Heavenly Father has no problem with the practice, such as when He wants to raise up a righteous generation, but the numbers of His people are small. There are also times when the practice is not needed, and those are the times in which it is forbidden.

People of all races have always been welcome to join the LDS church. The restriction was on certain members holding the priesthood, which is not necessary to enjoy full membership in the church, or to live in Heaven with our Father after we die. Throughout the history of the Gospel, certain people were restricted from the priesthood. In Moses's time, only the Levites were allowed to have it. In the Savior's time, it wasn't much different. This is, in fact, the only time in recorded history in which all faithful men of the church are allowed to hold the priesthood. The proclamation was a cause for celebration for the vast majority of the LDS church members, not something to be upset about.

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It was a shock to wake up this morning to the news. My prayers are with his family. Rest in peace, Andrew.

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"But Indiana Jones Nation will likely put aside any lingering sour feelings for “Skull” when they see the entire film series in the stunning Blu-ray format."

Umno. High-def crap is still crap.

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Oh, how sad. I loved the Monkees when I was younger. I still have some of their music on my ipod. RIP

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At the risk of getting into yet another argument I don't have the time for, once again, you need clarification on Mormon doctrine. We don't believe we can become God. We believe it's possible to become like God, the way the Bible tells us to do: "Be ye perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect." It's not something we can ever do on our own, and most definitely not something we can do in this lifetime, but we believe that through the Atonement and intercession of Jesus Christ, it can eventually be possible to achieve that standard in the life to come. That is a small but important distinction. Becoming like God is very different from becoming God.

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I've read the New Testament repeatedly over the years, thank you. And I don't need your grief, because I've made the right choice. God has confirmed it to me on many, many occasions. I trust Jesus Christ with my salvation, and I rely heavily on the teachings of the Bible. You would do well to learn more about the teachings of the LDS church before you criticize them, since you did not say a single thing in that last comment that we don't believe. And for the hundredth time, you don't get to tell me that I'm not a follower of the Savior. That is not your place, that is Jesus Christ's place. Until you suffer the pains of the Atonement, the most horrific pain anybody has ever felt, and bleed from every pore, and die for my sins, you have no say whatsoever in the state of my soul, and you have no authority to deny me the right to take Christ's name upon me. He is my Savior, not you, and He is the only being that gets to tell me I'm not a member of His flock. You don't have that right or responsibility.

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How is that slippery? Christ is divine, and His spirit was created by God the Father. And yes, there was. If Heavenly Father created our spirits, then obviously, God the Father existed before Christ's spirit was formed. Jesus Christ is not the Father. He is God, but He is the Son. There's a difference.