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The timing of this Netflix decision is unbelieveable. People have not gotten over their decision about raising prices and now they are splitting up the companies. I understood the need to raise prices. They needed more capital to make studio agreements to get their fledgling streaming service off the ground. The point is that it is not off the ground. Their streaming catalog is one of the weakest in the market and it seems every few weeks more titles drop from the list. And unless things change, in February a lot of titles will disappear when their agreement with Starz expires. However, the big advantage they had over all their streaming competitors was their DVD service and not that is gone. Without that advantage I think they are very vunerable.

Yes, streaming is the future, but the future is still a few years or more away. And Netflix will be lucky if they survive this to make it to that future.

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Very clever work by Jon. He appears to go after the Left by going after Schultz (why not? it's not like Ed is popular or anything). Then he quickly dodges back into his safe zone by ridiculing even the slightest notion that Schultz is a condescending racist. And of course he didn't even mention that Al Sharpton had also run with the "black cloud" story.But you have to give him credit, though, I'm sure that was scary for him actually defending someone on the right for a few seconds.

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I feel so sorry for these folks. You can hear the anger and frustration as their lives are being destroyed.

This is Britain’s Kristallnacht. The Left has taught these youths that the "rich" are to blame for all their problems, so they are destroying their businesses and homes. Churchill would be devastated to see his country become like the one they fought against.

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If the taxpayers are going to pay for degrees, then we should get to pick which degrees we will pay for. I think we should only pay for vocational degrees, all arts and social studies should be excluded.

This guy is what you get, not only by giving him money for free, but also by eliminating shame and guilt from our society.

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I guess they were too busy protesting to ask, "Then what?"

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Well, this story is beginning to make some sense. The first picture looked strange because it was a highly photoshoped professional portrait, but that was nothing sinister; just cleaned up blemishes, brighted the eyes like they do (overdo) with all pictures these days.

The Facebook page where it claimed he was a Christian conservative probably was a fake. I suspect it was a liberal trying to further the narrative. It has been deleted.

And it is coming out that he is a "right-winger," not in the conservative sense, but in the lefty sense--he is a Nazi. I was sensing some sort of cover-up, but it is looking like a typical media conspiracy. Nothing new.

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I may be completely off my nut, but this picture looks like a photo realistic computer generated person. His face is perfect, not a single flaw in his complexion. It really has that "uncanny valley" look to it. It is also strange that his complete profile and a wikipedia page on him popped up within a couple of hours of the shooting. I'm just not sure I am buying this "right wing nut" story. It really doesn't make sense.

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No, I don't live north. I live in Texas (where I will still be able to get incandescents--not to rub that in or anything).

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We have been using fluorescent for over 10 years, long before it was cool. I like them because they save money and use less energy. They are especially nice for porch lights which are hard to get to and a pain to change. However, we do not use them for every light in the house especially bedside lamps or reading lamps. I have yet to see a fluorescent which can put out a pleasant, cozy light. I want to have the choice as to what kind of light I want and it really isn't the government's business, much less the Federal government's business, as to what kind of bulb I use--or what kind of toilet I have--or what OTC allergy medicine I use--or what I feed myself or my kids--what vaccinations I give myself or my kids--whether I buckle up--wear a helmet ....

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"If they are afraid of Christ's name, then they aren't Christians, are they??"
They are now calling themselves "ians."