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Definitely a dirty trick. Seeing the vast majority of the AG's employees are civil servants who have been there longer than Corbett, they are probably less likely to engage in political hackery. From talking to a few friends that are interning there, they have sent out several emails warning employees not to engage in political business through their government accounts or on government time even if its an unpaid lunch.

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You are correct in being suspicious of potential infiltrators of the tea party movement. New and fluid movements are very easily infiltrated by your opponents, and more disturbingly, radical groups on the fringes of American politics and culture. The latter might be the case here.

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The media simply does not get it. If they were more through in reporting these stories, people would buy papers. Look at what the Europeans publish. They publish the slime of society people want to read and they are openly partisan. The American media is full of themselves and does not realize what real journalism looks like.

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Hillary probably won't run, but I could see someone like Howard Dean challenging Obama from the left on the Afghan War issue.

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Too bad. That seat appears about as safe as a Democratic seat can get outside the Pittsburgh or Philadelphia city limits.

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I thought cheap drugs ($5 a pack heroin) would lead to less crime according to the anti-drug war gospel spread by some on this site. Since $5 dollar a pack heroin has hit the streets of Greene and Fayette counties crime has exploded. The thing is that the pro-legalization crowd refuses to acknowledge that drugs prevent people from holding jobs and forces them into lives of government dependence and crime.

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Also plays well into the left's narrative of the tea party movement. Talk about shooting your movement in the foot.

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Victory for No Sports After High School.

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Very radical idea. In terms of property taxes though, they are relative low in Philadelphia County. People get raped on the income tax though especially anyone who lives the suburbs.

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It is the state of nature, it should be treated as such.