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huh, have to disagree. When we see Chris's fascinating posts about people cooking and eating the occasional cat, driving drunk on their lawnmower singing "The Yellow Rose of Texas" in the median strip of a four-lane highway, keeping two or three hundred pets in a house piled so high with waste that tunnel-boring machines have to be called in, trying to register their parrot to vote, wandering through suburbs wearing nothing but a chain saw, keeping two pet cows and a calf in their house, driving a motorized wheelchair into crossing guards, or is fired for drooling, the chances are that the person being written about is a left-wing Democrat who probably voted at least once for Obama.

We voters would just like to see the confirmation, that's all. And, wouldn't that be newsworthy?

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Enough to take over health care before Obama can.

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The enviro groups who want to stick their fingers in the big Marcellus pie have written some laws to help them. As usual, Senator Casey rubberstamps everything they want, and then claims to be helping everyone. As more enviro money-grubbing schemes and scams are exposed as blatant frauds, fewer and fewer are fooled.

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Now there will be the usual handwringing and apologies. The fact is that a few hundred child molesters snuck into the Church and got ordained so they could get access to children. Some were promoted and transferred by fellow travelers. As has happened to the FBI, KGB, and CIA, The Church was infiltrated by enemy agents. If professional security organizations can't keep their enemies out, The Church had an even harder time.

SInce this problem surfaced, The Church has gotten rid of most of them, but can't seem to stop apologizing. Rather than obsess about 12-18,000 allegations of child abuse committed by a handful of pseudo-priests over the past half-century, it's better to get perspective and focus on the million and a half abortions that take place every year, keeping in mind that The Church is consistently and completely pro-life and working diligently to save those precious lives.

The Culture of Death hates The Church, and has succeeded in making people think that these phony priests are enough to paint the whole Church in a bad light. For the simple and gullible who think as they're told, they've succeeded in undermining the largest pro-life organization in history. Time to stop mindlessly apologizing and praise the good pro-life work.

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"Stumpy" Wiggins saw this and emailed:

"Ah don' know why Gubnur Rendell 'n Gubnur Ridge 'n Senatur Santorum don' rent the bus that the Lewtenant Gubnur candydates rented fer their nine month fac-findin' tour. Iffin they wuz ter hire me ter drive der three of 'em 'roun' the state, they'd be plenny visibul. They culd drive frum TV camera ter TV camera 'n nebber be out of sight. Be a good way fer 'em ter keep dere fingers in der pie. Dat 'ud be lots better'n bein' jes another has-been what can't let go."

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Americans aren't allowed to grow pot. The deal is clear, marijuana is a Mexican monopoly. Who do these people think they are, interfering with well-established cash flows to Mexican drug cartels and from them to American politicians to buy votes keeping drugs illegal?

One of these people is a Philadelphia lawyer. He should know what the real law is: drug profiteering is limited to Mexican nationals. Americans competing with them will only cut costs, reduce profits, and lessen the campaign contributions received by those who vote to keep people from buying the few cents of chemicals they want on a free and open market.

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The State, with its usual zeal to expand mindlessly in every possible direction, has launched money-losing bus services in many of our small cities. It can now withhold funding for them to blackmail outlying County Commissioners to vote to use road money to further enrich Philly and Pittsburgh transit unions.

Be a good idea to get rid of all these small, useless bus services and give senior citizens and the tiny handful of other users vouchers so they could have the convenience of calling a cab. We'd all save.

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Oh, good. We have more draft-dodgers than anyone. I know, I know. We're supposed to revere the precious Amish for all sorts of reasons, but when it comes to defending freedom, our sons and daughters are at risk while they get a free ride.

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Another case where the alleged perpetrator's political affiliation would be nice to know. Not surprising that anyone who wanted to make such a name-change would be a liberal Democrat, and it's the sort of in-depth reporting that might actually prompt people to buy more newspapers.

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Ray, you obviously had enough intelligence to handle the incredible stress. This poor boy may not have been as blessed with the mental ability to deal with the stress in his life.

There are simply times when weaker, less intelligent people will break under stress. Saw it once defending a soldier in a court martial--there were so many draft-dodgers that people with ever lower IQs were drafted, and some of them were just not bright enough to deal with the stress of combat or the rigors of discipline. It's not unreasonable to think this this poor boy falls into that category.