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And where is the companion editorial from the Inquirer asking Dan Onorato to step down as Allegany County Executive? Oh wait, nevermind, I am asking too much.

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You have to realize that all democrats determine how much they want to spend, and then figure out a way to pay for it. It should be the other way around. Figure out how much you want to tax, and then spend that money on the proper things.

I don't think property taxes are going away any time soon, but you could cut them in half by having more regional school districts with less state and federal mandates and more state funding as a percentage of their budgets.

If I were ever elected governor, I would apply the sales tax at 3% to everything except for food, clothing, and medicine and eliminate all other taxes except for the gas tax. Then you combine state agencies and close down the ones that are useless.

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I have no problem with lowering the sales tax and broadening the base, as sales taxes are more fair than income and property taxes. One is not penalized for working and earning more money. The main focus should be on reducing the size of government and lowering the income tax. But with a democrat in the governor's mansion I don't see that happening.

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Sex education is very simple. The best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is to NOT have sex in the first place. END OF STORY. This method works every time it is tried.

Sure you can teach kids about STDs, HIV, birth control, fisting, anal sex, intercourse, gay sex, et al in school. But what is the point of that? It's great information and all, BUT the ONLY 100% effective way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is to not have sex. Period.

Any of you erudite, effete, elite snobs out there want to argue with me over this one? Go for it. I can't wait to hear all of your refined, idealistic arguments.

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I can't wait to see them try and enforce this one. Many people work for a salary and then have a business on the side. I am one of those people who also happens to be a CPA. I can't wait to see the how this is going to work. Stupid government.

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Actually, Gutmann is the president of the University of Pennsylvania and is not the employer of Michael Mann.

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Thanks for clearing up my remarks. You summarized my point much better than I did.

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Joe Cao won a special election in the bluest of districts a year ago in New Orleans. He replaced the now convicted congressmen William Jefferson, Democrat-Louisana. He was the last GOPer to vote last night, and had premission form Boehner to vote yea once the count got over 218 in favor. If he wants to win reelection in his district in 2010, he needed to vote for it as a tactical decision.

Also, based on what I am reading, the bill is DOA in the Senate as many moderate Ds will not vote for cloture. Liberman, Landreau, Lincoln, and Nelson are among those who are not in favor of a public option.

If the bill does not get to conference by February 2010, then there will be no bill at all since those up Ds for reelection in the House and Senate do not want to give the voting public another reason to vote them out.

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I am with you on this one. In the Southeast part of Delco there are tons of tiny municipalities that could be merger together and be run much more effectively.

I think the greater picture we have to look at it what is the purpose of a municipality. To me my local government should provide police and fire protection along with making sure the local roadways are clear and in good shape. Beyond that, they do not need to do much more. If you look at simple economies of scale, larger is better, but it moderation.

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I would be in favor of an expanded sales tax if it meant a corresponding reduction in the income tax and/or those idiotic head and local services taxes. However, I am not holding my breath on this one.