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I just sent in my story for prompt number 2. It's my first time writing MLP fanfic; please be as brutal as necessary.

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I'm with Homer Simpson: babies creep me out. But this is an awesome episode, giving surprising depth to Pinkie while never once having her feel out of character. I get the feeling this is the kind of thing Merriwether Williams was going for in her season 2 scripts, but this time it worked.

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This was the first episode I watched in real time, after finally checking out the show on Youtube. And it was a pretty good one for that. Just a very sweet, relatable story that lets you easily sympathize with both Rarity and Sweetie Belle, the sort of thing the show has really struggled with at other times (see Fall Weather Friends, ugh).

It's also the one where it seems the writers first got how Tabitha could really make hammy speeches work, which is why she's now my favorite actress on the show.

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The really amazing thing about this episode is that for a whole year, a ton of fans had been speculating on Luna's personality, and with how...enthusiastic this particular fanbase can be, there was every chance that they would be outraged their own personal touches weren't present in canon Luna. But then she was miraculously accepted by almost all.

My one issue here is that Pinkie is never made to realize what a huge jerk she was being.

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Yeah, then I definitely prefer the anime version. There's really no trying to make a character likable after that, or at least not without a shitton more work than there would be time for here.

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You'd probably appreciate this entry on the TV Tropes Draco in Leather Pants page:

"Stringer Bell from the The Wire. Despite being Avon Barksdale's right-hand man in crime, he was portrayed as intelligent, insightful, clever, and determined to learn how the legal business world worked, so that he could expand into honest projects. He's even shown taken community college courses. Because of this, fans saw him as a sympathetic character. They conveniently forget how he was the one who setup and got D'Angelo Barksdale killed off in prison, while at the same time, having an affair with his woman. They forget how he did this behind, Avon's back. They forget all the other backstabbing and under handed things he did. Which is why in the end, it caught up with him."

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Plus there's two others watching it and doing two a week, who are now at the end of season 3. So you may want to go back and check out their other posts about it.

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Chapter 26

This one is all about the deep breath before the plunge, as it were. And so most of its time is simply spent on the atmosphere of Monkshood. And it's time well spent. I've never been in such a place myself, but I could easily picture how everything looked and even felt inside the house. I also appreciate that time is taken for Angela and Holly to adjust to their new knowledge, and how weird they suddenly are around Kami, knowing Jared is in her head. That kind of interaction has always been perhaps Brennan's biggest strength.

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Children of Hurin. Tolkien does A Song of Ice and Fire, but even darker. Even better if you can get the audiobook, which is read by Christopher Lee.

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The Rifftrax features the line "To avoid crucifixion by fans of The Wire, we're obliged to point out that this guy played Stringer Bell."