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Rev. Jim Burgin II


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You apparently did not read the article. The fee is for a temporary 'restaurant', not a fee for setting up shop at the fair, the other vendors seemed more interested in supporting the young lady rather than whine about the few dollars they probably wouldn't have lost in the first place.
This is nothing more than micro managing by state agents.

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Lets start with the fact that you can get in trouble for baiting wildlife, not to mention that since the bear has already found this supply of goodies, it won't be easily dissuaded from coming back and either causing property damage, injuring livestock and/or a person.
The rest of your post devolves into ad hominems (personal attacks) that do nothing but denigrate another person for protecting her own.

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Your powers of cut and paste are astonishing.

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Seriously many of us have been outspoken against totalitarianism on the part of Bush admin as well as the current admin, things seem to have boiled over in the last two years. Many folks who had no idea what was happening on the big stage.

We can cry, "Where were you when.." and keep blaming Bush but why don't ya quit trying to assign blame and pay attention to what is going on now. Obama has done a great job of continuing many of Bush's policies.

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Fairness doctrine anyone? Many on the 'left' have been calling for mandated 'balance' in media.. a good start to inhibiting free speech I believe.

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Anti ILLEGAL immigrant. Those who break the law should not be catered to. While the majority of Tea Party members or those who are of like mind tend to be white, many races are represented during these events. I have attended many rallies and events which are not all endorsed by the Tea Party and have found a diverse group of average citizens who are simply worried about our inability to control D.C.

You on the other hand seem to be comfortable with petty ad hominem attacks on folks who are just voicing their opinions.

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Could the have been collected legally before the felony conviction? Most of the firearms shown in the pictures are common and not excessively expensive. I have about half of those myself.

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It is not illegal to purchase full auto or select fire weapons as long as you follow procedures. The second amendment does not distinguish the functionality of the arms it references.

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Wait, you are referring to the Junction City Police Department? Quick? The response time of the J.C. P.D. is absolutely atrocious. Give me the L.C.Sheriff any day.

You might also read the Supreme Court decision; Warren v. D.C. which states that law enforcement have NO DUTY to protect individual citizens. You are better off calling Reno911 at times.

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Stahl wrote a very articulate letter which told his story and enumerated his concerns.. maybe he got a little too emotional while trying to get his point across, but to go so far as to be grateful he was only armed with a letter? How do you take a person who is concerned over the children about something that he personally experienced and jump to the possibility he might have been 'armed' with something other than a letter??? Irrational fear will cloud your judgment every time.