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My Plan to Save America

In news conference on June 8, Biden's chief economist Jared Bernstein said of the first 100 days of Obama's administration "we've created or saved over 150,000 jobs". The truth is since February of 2009 the number of unemployed rose from 12.5 million to 14.5 million. Most kids over the age of 10 can tell you that 14.5 is bigger than 12.5, so how do you save or create 150,000 jobs? Why did we spend 800 billion dollars to stimulate the economy? I have a better Idea and it will only cost 305 million dollars.

We could give everyone in the nation a million dollars and saved 799 billion dollars. I mean everyone man, women and child. If we each invested the million dollars in a mutual fund earning 12% interest we would get $10,000 each month and not touch the million dollars. Wow we could pay off our debt, own a house, pay for our own health care, and have leftover to take a vacation.With my plan we can dissolve the IRS, Medicare, and Social Security. Imagine no more Federal Income Tax ever! Collection on tariffs from trade and corporate taxes will pay for the Military and the few required federal services, CIA, FBI, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of the Federal Government. Done.

Imagine a Nation with no more poor, hungry, or homeless.


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I think we are headed to stagflation or hyper-inflation. We have almost reached the bottom of the depression, however getting to single digit inflation may take years if we can not control spending.

Not all corporations are laying off people. my company has not laid anyone off. Managers and employees alike either took vacations or leaves without pay to keep everyone working. We could have done the easy thing and lay off people, however, we came together to find another solution.

Most jobs that leave America are jobs that robots in factories do. If it is cheaper to have them made outside the country it is because it cost more for our robots to make the products. To get these jobs back we need to get energy cost down. Obama pushing for Cap and Trade will only ensure more factories move outside the US to places with lower energy cost.

If we want to regain our seat at the top, we must repeal the 16th and 17th amendment, provide cheap power (hydroelectric, nuclear, or geothermal) for business, and either bring our troops home or let them fight to win at all cost. We must also stop buying foreign oil, providing aid outside our boarders with tax payer dollars, promote democracy and the American way.

Don't give up texasray, that is not the America Spirit.

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Obama's march to .....ism. I didn't want to put a large post up so here is the link to my blog http://ricevillage.blogspot.com. I used this video as inspiration for the post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTp_atr2G9E. Thanks to MegansDad who posted it.

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What I wanted Obama to say in Cairo

I knew that there was gong to be pandering and apologizing going on in his speech. I was not surprised when he said we “share common principles -- principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” Lie! I was not surprised when he made up history “it was innovation in Muslim communities that developed; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation”. I think the Chinese will have something to say about that. I could go on and on taking Obama’s speech apart piece by piece. That is not what this is about; it is what he didn’t say that I want to talk about.

For those who don’t know me I am against gay marriage. Not because I hate them or want to deny them rights, I am against it because it is a religious rite. That being said, why did he not ask for gay or sexual orientation tolerance? I will remind you that being gay in a Muslim world is a death sentence. Values and Principles

Why did he not ask Muslims to change from religious law to common law? Turkey has done it, why not Egypt or Saudi Arabia?

Why only mention Jews, Christians and Muslims? What about the other religions of the world? Do they have no meaning or clout to bring to the table of the world?

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I have thinking a lot about taxes and I was thinking since I will not be benefiting from any of the entitlements provided by the Federal Government, should I have to pay all of my Federal Income Tax? I would have to pay my 1/300,000,000 of the Presidents pay plus the military. I would also have to pay for my Senators and Representitive and a little for a Federal Judge or two, but that should be it. What do you think?

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Dear Rep. DeFazio, Sen. Merkley and Sen. Wyden,

Please speak out against Rep. Henry Waxman, Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, for slapping all Americans in the face. When asked to read a bill out loud, he hired a speed reader to read the bill. He also commented that he himself did not read the bill and does not know everything contained in it. This is unacceptable. What kind of example does this set for Congress. Are you all elitist? Does anyone have any morals or values in Washington? In my profession, I would be fired for a stunt like that, however, Americans have to wait till the next election remove an elected official.

I am very concerned about the direction that the Federal Government is taking our country. The founding father of the Democratic Party was Thomas Jefferson who hated big Government, however, recent decisions and legislation says the Democratic Party wants Government to control everything. Banks, insurance companies, car companies, cap and trade, and healthcare not to mention all of the other entitlements that are already in place are intruding on me and my family. I used to be able t take care of myself, however, I am taxed so harshly that soon no matter how many jobs I work, the government will take it away from me and give it to someone else.

Why do you support punishing productive Americans? Why do you think the Federal Government knows best? I ask you to not tow the current party line and return to what Thomas Jefferson believed in, a small limited Federal Government.

I will be posting this e-mail on my blog http://ricevillage.blogspot.com as I do with all communications I send to public officials.

Harry Yonemura III

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I hope everyone who can afford a private jet gets one. Don't punish her or anyone else for being successful, that is what Obama and the left do. If you are going to make bad comments make them about her behaviors and people she supports. Don't be envious.

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Sure, it still collapsed until it hit something at 3 meters per second squared. Remember Newton. When one floor hit another it transferred its energy to the next, Law of Thermal Dynamics. There is no conspiracy. It is all explained by high school science. If you insist on conjecture and not on facts, try learning to use science and objectivity. Do not let emotion cloud your intellect.

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You are right, building 7 was brought down by damage from the other building. BTW everything falls at the same rate. Some objects my reach a terminal velocity due to air resistance and fall at their maximum velocity, like someone skydiving. Even horizontal forces do not counteract the pull of gravity. Get a gun and place it in a device that holds it horizontal and be sure to have no objects that could stop it before hitting the ground. Load a bullet and hold one in you hand at the same height as the barrel. At the same time you fire the weapon, drop the bullet. Both bullets will hit the ground at the same time. Fact! Try it, its fun.