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Thanks for the comment. I will have to get that one next.

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ANTHEM by Ayn Rand
This is an easy read that will introduce you to Ayn Rand.
She was a devout anti-communist because of what she experienced in Russia when the communists took over. Read THE PASSION OF AYN RAND... a biography by Barbara Branden if you want the details of what happened to her and her family under the communists. It is scary; many of the things our government is doing now were done in Russia. I am so glad FUSION highlighted Rand in the current issue. This has all been an eye-opener for me.

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Ayn Rand warned us: only failures will be educated

"Even at that age, I could see what was wrong with communism. It meant living for the State. I realized they were saying that the illiterate and the poor had to be the rulers of the earth, because they were illiterate and poor. ... It was the demand for the sacrifice of the best among men, and for the enshrinement of the commonplace, that I saw as the unspeakable evil of communism." Ayn Rand

All students were required to fill out questionaires about their parents and their grandparents; if any close relatives had owned a business before the revolution, the student was not to be educated. ... you had to prove your origin from the workbench or the plow .....
from THE PASSION OF AYN RAND a biography by Barbara Branden

(This sounds like our PC country where the successful have to make excuses for their success and drag up their poor ancestors to be accepted. Affirmative Action: only failures who come from failures will be educated)

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ACORN will probably be tasked with handing out the vaccine. If their plan works, only certain people will be entitled to get it... and they won't be 912ers. (I wish I thought this was a far-fetched idea... ugh.)

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A boycott is a form of consumer activism involving the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with someone or some other organization as an expression of protest, usually of political reasons. (Wikipedia)
Since boycotts are usually non-violent, it seems to me they are an excellent way to get one's point across. They do not infringe on anyone's constitutional rights that I can see. A shop owner has the right to contribute money to any cause or political party, but I have the right not to enable him by shopping in his establishment. I don't have to buy tickets to Hollywood movies... I don't have to buy products that support shows that make fun of my country or patriotic Americans... If 912ers withheld even a small portion of their spendable income, I think it would be felt across the nation.
If people did not contribute money to Islamic extremist groups, they could not exist... or at least they would be very limited in their power and scope.
It is just a thought.

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Good job, Bubba. Your response was.......................PRICELESS
You made me smile... and you told the truth. Thanks.

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What state do you live in? As long as you don't live in my state, I'm all for it. Give it a try for about 5 years. And be sure to advertise it well so all the downtrodden ex-cons in the US will flock to take advantage of your generous nature. After 5 years, let us know how that is working for you.

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Maybe some of the states should try a little experiment: cut/limit welfare, crack down on criminals, make the prisons a bit more uncomfortable and see if the crime rate falls. My thought is that all the deadbeats will move to the states like California who practice the opposite. Might be interesting to see what happens.
If it works, we are safer and other states could profit by adopting the same experiment. It's a thought!

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I agree. Wonder if there is any way some of these jokers could be confined in their own homes; let their families feed them and pay the light bill instead of us. Bet they don't get air conditioned workout rooms there.

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