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Just browsing over in Principles.

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It's not just you, Bust_It. They are all about the place.

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I've been concerned about the path our government has been taking for a few years, but all of the changes that have been thrown on us in the last 3 months have taken my breathe away. It is clear that we, the citizens, have to be the ones to save our country from the actions of our government. They seem to have forgotten who they work for. We need to strongly remind them that we pay their wages and with a little effort we can find replacements to fill their positions.

I have been writing and calling my representatives but I have the feeling they have quit listening. I'm glad I have found the 912 Project. You guys are helping me get my breathe back. It is certainly good to be a part of "We the People".

Support our Troops and thank every one of them you see for their service to our Country.

And support the Blue Star Moms.