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By any reasonable metric of evaluation,it's become incredibly obvious that our Nation cannot survive another 4yrs of Obama. The ManChild exhibits the most dangerous form of demagogic narcissism, a total inability to confront ones acute limitations. The after-effect of extended drug abuse can lead to crippling fantasies. It's apparent that Obama is in the advanced stages of such a malady. Greg Neubeck

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You know that O'l Barack is in a sheer panic to obfuscate his Muslim/Socialist agenda when he fires a broadside against his long-time soul-mate, Hugo. Greg Neubeck

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The explanation is straight forward: Obama views the Tax Code, Regulatory Reform, and Executive Policy such as Obamacare, Housing, and Student Loan Programs, etc., as instruments of WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION. Obama has been schooled in this Marxist dialectic since birth; and, is NOT capable of accommodating real-life consequences. In a functioning Free-Market System, the Tax Code, Regulatory Reform, and Executive Policy are purposely constructed to FACILITATE economic expansion, and concurrently, JOB CREATION. No CEO, with proliferating onerous regulatory measures, pending increases in tax obligations, and Executive policies that cripple profit potential, are going to RISK significant 'domestic' expansion, and concurrent hiring of new employees in face of such a fusillade of restrictive business measures being promulgated by the Obama anti-capitalistic agenda. Thus, even with a modestly expanding economy, job-creation will be severely constrained. Paradoxically, the Occupy-Wall-Street protestors, and the Tea-Party activists have a common enemy - Barack Obama. It's simply a matter of recognizing the actual culprit in the job-creating malaise infecting our body politic. Greg Neubeck

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The fundamental question this election cycle is: 'Can we overcome the Obama 'Jobs- Depression' so long as Obama sits in the WH?' Certainly the 26 Million Americans without a viable option for productive employment consider this to be the most critical issue confronting our electorate. Unfortunately, the answer is an emphatic 'NO'. Quite simply, Obama either doesn't understand -OR- is unwilling to accept the mechanics of job creation in a free-market economy. Certainly the circulating video of a petulant adolescent, utterly out-of-control, as he kicked open the door as he exited the WH conference room 'after' he was told by attending members of the Congress that they would NOT give him the massive tax increases that he insisted on to sustain his crippling spending binge of 25% of our GDP, would validate the latter. Greg Neubeck

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Accentuating the disconnect of the Obama agenda from routine American pursuits, was the appearance of the Muslim Brotherhood activist from Egypt exhorting the crowds to intensify their civil disobedience so as to destruct the existing social order. How is it that the Obama Administration granted a Visa to this Muslim extremist to bring his message of civil disruption to our shores? Barack, as president, it is your duty to PROMOTE the General Welfare of our citizens - NOT- to incite civil disruption of our daily commerce. Should Obama, God forbid, succeed in acquiring a second term, the turmoil that will engulf our Country will be unprecedented. My friend, it's long past time for you exit the scene so that our Nation can begin the 'Healing Process' from the tragically deleterious consequences precipitated by your divisive agenda. Greg Neubeck

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A cursory review of Obama's history, ( "I want you to get out there and get in their face." ), would readily reveal that the anarchist would gleefully promote 'blood-in-the-streets' IF that would enhance his probability of re-election. Don't be beguiled by the man-child's well-practiced deceptive smile that he projects ad-nauseam when he's attempting to soften his public image. As former President, Bill Clinton so perceptively observed of Obama: "He's nothing more than a typical Chicago thug." Greg Neubeck

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Notice how Barack ALWAYS needs a 'foil' to obfuscate his own miserable failings. This time our 'Divider-In-Chief' has selected Wall Street Bankers as his 'decoy' target. Informed American's are well aware that it was the sub-prime mortgage fiasco, of which Barack was a prime activist, that brought our Financial Sector to its knees. With our own Government AND extremist groups, such as Barack's ACORN storm-troopers, threatening litigation against Banks that did not issue loans to individuals - that ALL knew - did NOT have the capacity to repay, the unsustainable housing bubble was set in motion - that ALL knew - would eventually collapse with catastrophic financial consequences. In response, Bankers succumbed to the pressure knowing that the Quasi Government Organizations, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, had been anointed by the Government to purchase the Banker's worthless mortgage securities taking them off of the hook. Barack is now wagering that the uninformed in our society will once again buy into still another of his demagogic teleprompter rants. The man-child is a Clear And Present danger to the security of our Nation. Greg Neubeck

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Examples are multiplying on a geometric scale; but, let's review a single distortion that is embedded in Obama's latest assault on the intelligence of the American people. In his deceptively announced strategy to supposedly facilitate the hiring of long-term unemployed workers, Obama includes a provision that would allow the unemployed to sue employers who, after interview, fail to hire them 'presumedly' on the basis of their long-term absence from the workplace. Certainly, an opportune blessing for Obama's sycophant Trial Lawyers; but, anathema to the job creation process. What employer, endowed with common sense, would expose himself to potential litigation by agreeing to interview the long-term unemployed under such a perilous millstone? Obama is not so stupid as not to recognize this obvious consequence. Beyond challenge, the 'Deceiver-In-Chief's' objective is something other than job creation; and, the American people are awakening to that fact. Greg Neubeck

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In order to impose a Socialistic Society, it's first necessary to destroy any vestiges of free-market capitalism that are inherently antithetical to that objective. Barack Obama has been intensely schooled in the mechanics of such a transition since childhood; and, is systematically in pursuit of his life-long dream of a conversion of the epitome of free-market principles, America, to his Socialistic model. While incessantly attempting to obfuscate that obvious fact by his ad-nauseum teleprompter recitals on repeatedly failed methodologies for job creation, Obama has been methodically working 'behind the bureaucratic cloak' to implement a plethora of job destroying decrees that have stalled entrepreneurial incentives. Greg Neubeck

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Aerial destruction of these weapons sites raises a real possibility of wide scale collateral damage, leaving the only viable option, the insertion of large scale Special Ops forces to forcibly take control and to neutralize these prohibitively dangerous weapons caches. Obama's characteristic 'dithering' on a response to this very real crisis is NOT an option. Further, Obama's obstinate refusal to defend America's Southern border greatly multiplies the inherent danger of these lethal weapons to our American homeland, which is the designated 'primary target' for radical Islamists. America can no longer afford a continuation of our affirmative action experiment with a proven dangerously incompetent president. Greg Neubeck