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Couldn't agree more. The picture serves no useful purpose. Sincere sympathies to the family.

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Ach I got a job lot goin' cheap many years ago some of it works fine but some if it seems a bit old an frayed, been used too many times I suppose. I don't know if they still make it, doesn't seem so! :D

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There were some good times right enough TJ. Didn't have much money but didn't seem to need much. Gigs were fairly cheap, had some good mates to knock about with, hard work, 42 hour week when we started but we made the most of our time off. It was all roses of course.
I rather like this one:

"It's great to reminisce about good memories of my past. It was enjoyable when it was today. So learning to enjoy today has two benefits: it gives me happiness right now, and it becomes a good memory later."

George Foreman

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Always very partial to Ralph McTell. Fairport Convention came to the Whitla Hall in the spring of '70, Zepplin first performed Stairway to Heaven at the Ulster Hall but I think the most faithful of all when it came to playing Belfast was the absolutely incomparable Rory Gallagher.

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Dang I wish I could go! 20 quid these days ain't bad. Early 70s he used to do the odd free gig on a Sunday evening in the 'Crypt' Folk Club under St Martin's in the Fields in London. The club supported a mission to the homeless who were regulars there as well. You paid 'what you could afford' at the door, about a half a crown for the most part. hearing 'Streets of London' in that particular venue was very poignant, lump came to the throat very quickly. Have a great evening! Full report when you get home!

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(which basically made excuses for Mr Dowd's plans and encouraged me to support him!
And this is the bit that really chaps my hide. What you are trying to do actually DOES support O'Dowd. You recognize a problem and you are supporting him by pointing it out and suggesting a better course. A good friend supports us by not just by telling us how great we are but also by helping us tackle our problems. The old "Emperors New Clothes" story comes to mind. Not only are you trying to offer support to him but also to your wider community. Telling someone, 'don't make this mistake' can be the kindest thing we can do sometimes. I can almost guarantee you a struggling school will listen to a group of head teachers, staff and parents who have 'walked the walk' before they will give any credibility to folk who have barely set foot in class room never mind actually teach.

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I have no doubt whatsoever you are right Ulysses. Why in the name of patience could Poots not have got the Agriculture portfolio at least its an area he might know something about? I know a little bit about health care and its really clear Poots doesn't. So I have very strong feelings about how the staff and patients have been betrayed by those in office and currently the blame must land heavily on Poots desk, from behind which Poots really ought to extract himself and hang around the hospitals for which he claims responsibility.

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Again many thanks for your insights. What seems to have evolved over the last couple of years at least, though I suspect the situation has been festering for much longer, is those responsible for determining and overseeing 'policy' seem to do so with almost complete disregard either for those who must implement those 'policies' or those most impacted by them. What is transpiring within the education community seems to mirror in many detrimental ways what is happening in health care. If Mr Storey has a problem with how the education or 'protestant boys' is supported then mobilize the community organisations he is involved with and DO something. The personnel, volunteers, are available if they really do feel there are issues to be addressed. There are Orange Halls and church halls that can be used to provide space and people for homework help etc. What is also disturbing is why you haven't received some response from Storey et al. One would indeed be forgiven for thinking there may be another agenda. I have long suspected there is another agenda for health cake, but we'll save that for a shared mug of Horlicks.

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The man has become positively dangerous. He transcends incompetence, but his worst failing has been to ignore advice he was offered nearly two years ago, instead he orders consultations and reports none of which seem to have had any positive impact on improving the lot of the staff or the patients they are trying to care for. And the staff can't even on depend on getting their correct pay? Dreadful.

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Some months ago Poots promised to increase actual staffing by 40 nurses. Can we assume this hasn't happened? Moving staff around to fill in gaps is fine in the short term for very brief periods but to rely on this method to deal with frequent crises exacerbated by permanent understaffing is madness. My heart goes out to you. And what must be so frustrating,, as you say, is the fact that back BEFORE the BCH ED was closed Poots et al were told this very scenario would very quickly develop and there was no contingency plan. I wonder what that area at BCH is used for now...it better not be administrative offices. And yes I agree, health care has become a 'numbers game', people (staff and patients) reduced to data points and numbers on a spread sheet. When a situation like this described develops Poots should actually show up to see what is happening for himself. And now you tell us that, just like the last time we 'spoke,' you haven't received your correct pay since NOVEMBER? Absolutely inexcusable. Poots would do well to consider that dedication, sense of duty, desire to render quality care and good-will such as yours can't last for ever. Very best wishes to you and your colleagues.