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It's now May, so March was two months ago. It's semantics - a politicians stock in trade. All politicians.

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The point might be that he's an Irish actor, taking a British actor's job.

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Sorry, I didn't realize they were voting on becoming a dictatorship.

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That would probably be easier if they were being managed from Edinburgh rather than London, wouldn't it? (Didn't see the news, just speculating.) The government could potentially be set up to give all regions greater local control than they have now.

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I don't know how the laws work round your parts, but out here on the Left Coast a person can absolutely be held criminally responsible if a child shoots somebody with your gun.
Even if the somebody is you.
The boyfriend, knowing that there would/could be children in and around the car, should have at the very least informed the other responsible adult that the gun was there. I believe that criminal negligence of some sort, probably negligent homicide in this case, would be in order.

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You and I are talking about two different things. Now that is funny.
Not American Airlines, I'm talking about US Airways accidentally posting a pornographic image to their Twitter. Although I imagine their PR department was panicking, the rest of Twitter was amused as hell.

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Panic? I thought it was pretty funny, myself. So did most of Twitter, apparently. (And, yes, I saw the picture. :o )

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Sinn Féin are hardly the only political party with this sort of misunderstanding about Twitter. In fact, Twitter promotes it. The press falls for it as well. The fact that it's making headlines at all is daft.

Hey, did you see what US Airways did with their Twitter (that's not a euphemism, incidentally) earlier today? That's the level of control most organizations have over their Twitter accounts.

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That's funny. If Adams fell off the face of the earth today I'm not sure I'd notice.
I can't think of any reasonable situation that would make me want to vote for SF. (Although I suppose it's marginally more likely than voting for the likes of FF or DUP. ;) )

No, I was just making fun of anybody (including politicians and political parties) who thinks that anything that happens on Twitter is relevant to the real world. I love Twitter, don't get me wrong, but it's entertainment not news.

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LOL Twitter. Twitter is quite taken with its own self-importance, it's true, but it has very little to do with the real world. Whatever else you have to say, quoting Twitter just makes you look silly - why not quote the latest Disney movie while you're at it.
The top two trending topics on Twitter in the UK right now? #porg and #purplewedding.
That's some hard-hitting social commentary.