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I agree with your post, except I would substitute the term "moral relevancy" with "moral relativism." Moral relativism is the (mistaken) idea that morals are only valid within a set of circumstances, while I tend to believe that morals are absolute and must be applied firmly to any situation.

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That's pretty true, never understood those 100 year old "Veteran Sergeants" running around a battlefield with no helmet on, seems pretty dumb to me.

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I'm a native Californian and I DEMAND that NOBODY bails this state out. UNTIL THIS SHIP SINKS, WE WON'T GET A NEW CAPTAIN OR CREW!!!

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Alright, Power Armor! When do I get my bolter and powerfist?
-WH40K Geek / Army Vet

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You know Mr Smith, I tend to agree with you. It's one thing to glorify Nazism, it's another for the real human story of all the Germans who weren't barbaric criminals to be told. It's too easy and historically inaccurate to portray every German as a Nazi, even if many of them were. If that whole time is simply brushed aside or airbrushed over by the German people of today, some of them may start to believe again in the horrible ideals espoused by the Nazis, and that would be tragic.

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I like that quote. I'm going to shamelessly use it.

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Preferably while duct taped to a chair and their eyes stapled open. JMO.

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You need to give your kids that 18 years of preparation at home just so they can defend themselves when they get to college. Too many parents have made the mistake of teaching good values at home, and then sending their kids off to public colleges, just to have their 18 years of investment washed down the drain by liberal professors.

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I wish I didn't agree with your foresight, but unfortunately I do. I sincerely expect (and am thoroughly prepared for) a wave of violence when (WHEN!!!) Obama loses in 2012. God be with us all, the real tragedy is that innocent blood will be spilled by the guilty before it's over.

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You know what the real tragedy in your story is, 1GooDDaDDy? It's not the fact that a Leuy who deserved to buy the farm bought it, it's that 4 other Marines who committed no crime except to be assigned to his command had to buy it with him. That, my friend, is the real tragedy of incompetent commanders. Even though I was in the Army, I give you a hearty "Semper Fi" for your service.