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AHHHH! Text articles with no rediculous fonts and pictures!!! Kudos. Bookmarked! Never thought I'd say I am glad to see IntenseDebate, but damn disqus sux.

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Holder has already sanctioned the targeted killings of US Border Patrol Agents in country. This is just the worldwide escalation.

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damn those jobs and that bi-product of upward mobility!! damn it I say!! keep the pions in their holes where they belong!


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the coordinated attack of the left and it's media minions is in full effect. I hope people are already awake to this and hear the final clarion call to arms. fight with your words, your dollars, and most of all your vote in November. If we don't stop it there all bets are off.

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Headline: Obama warns against "loose talk" of war on Iran (Reuters)

...meawhile in another the part of the Internet. (BB)

Headline: Obama warns Iran he will use force if necessary

once again, the Emperor gets to have it all ways.
"Stop the war talk or I will make war." Genious!

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Pay no attention to the sh!+ baths I have been giving you the past 3 years. Pay no attention to the support I have given the Radical lslamists that surround you. Keep your eyes on the shiny award I have for you. Stare at the award. Yes...that's it. Your'e eyes are getting heavy.


Listen to my voice and say these words.

Obama is a friend to Israel.
Obama is a friend to Israel.
Obama is a friend to Israel.
Obama is a friend to Israel.
Obama is a friend to Israel.

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whatever any official in Chicago does, approves or sanctions, the correct position on the act or issue would be the exact opposite.

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that is the G-dm M-Fn truth. how long can we say "we are heading..."

Like you said, "we are there!!!!!"

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liberal compassion and inclusiveness. on display. keep digging.

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