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Yay, I can't believe they're finally going to shoot this flick!

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I'm not completely sold on the casting for this movie, so I'm reserving judgement for the time being. I honestly don't see Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and nothing she's done has made me believe she'll transform, she pretty much plays the same character in every movie. I think Dakota is a better actress, but we'll see how well she portrays Currie. I am glad she's taking on some different type roles now that she's getting older; you can only play the kidnapped kid so many times. LoL

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I'm very much looking forward to Ponyo that'll be a trip into LA for me and the kid though I hoping it plays in Pasadena.

Miyazaki is by far my favorite animated director/storyteller his movies are truly fantastic. I recommend his films to everyone whenever the subject comes up or I bring it up. The kid and I have had his movies on rotation over the last month.

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Wedding cakes are ridiculously expensive, so if I was going to spend the money on a cake I'd go for something like this or maybe something Star Wars related. As it is when I got married a couple of years ago I opted for a dessert bar, which was a hell of a lot less than a wedding cake that almost no one eats anyway.

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Damn it, now we'll get another fantasy/action/adventure pile of bad CGI and probably a string of bad to mediorce actors. Not that having McG direct was that much better, but Rob Cohen is definitely a step down.

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It wouldn't be so terrible that Megan Fox's name is being tossed for every female lead movie if she could act, but she can't, it's horrible. She also says some pretty crazy things in interviews the girl does not come off as very bright.

I would rather not see a Commando remake, but it'll be made regardless. Dwayne Johnson in the role would be fine by me, but he hasn't seemed interested in becoming an action star looking at his recent movies.

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Michael Bay is a smart man, who's managed his career well and while I actually enjoy many of his action flicks, I wish he could tell a good story. I think he tried with The Island, got bored and decided to turn it into one of his popcorn action movies.

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I'm anticipating much fun at the movies when this hits theaters.

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I've had a feeling this movie would suck the moment Stephen Sommers was hired, but a part of me held out hope that maybe it'd turn out alright; I don't know what I was thinking. Over the last week everything that has popped up as been awful.

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I watched this trailer early today and thought it was horrible, not that the movies have ever been good, but I was entertained by the first two the third was awful. This one looks to be even worse. I'll wait till DVD and have a laugh with my brother.