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Oh thank god! There may be hope for the next movie after all! Please say this means no more shitty wire work and cringe-worthy special effects!

That does suck for her though. They could have at least waited at little while to announce it until after all the promotional stuff for Twilight was done. It sucks to be her right now.

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I think you may be reading into what he is saying a little too much. I have seen those interviews and I didn't take it that way. He really wanted that role and I have seen him say he is excited about the rest of them. I do think the mobs scare him. I have seen him say that a few times.

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I think those people are ON heroine or something. I just don't understand why people are so obsessed with it. I mean I love the books and I have read them a few times. I thought the movie was ok, but I'm not gonna beat someone down over it, or make death threats as I have seen others on this site do. I think all the twitards need a psychiatric evaluation, because there is something seriously wrong with them.

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Destroy the brain? I didn't think the Twitards had a brain to destroy.

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Haha perhaps you should check out some of the other Twilight pages on the site. They do tend to get psycho. Hence the reason big daddy and I started to use the term Twitards for them. I am a fan too, but I have managed to fall in the good graces of some on this site. I guess that because I actually have a brain. But the bad ones make us all look bad. Someone on another page was actually threatening bodily harm and cussing people out. So we have our reasons for saying the things we do.

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They move around a lot, so he isn't going to the same school everytime. The younger they pretend to be, the longer they can stay in one place. So he has actually graduated quiet a few times from high school and college. They just use that as a way to fit in with society better to appear to be more normal.

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I have to agree with Meli. I enjoyed it, hell even my husband and his friend enjoyed it, which totally surprised me. I knew the wire work and the special effects would be bad so I just tried to ignore those parts. Thankfully there wasn't a lot of that stuff used. So it is easy to look over that. The wire work made me cringe though and it was completely unnecessary. That whole scene could have been taken out if you ask me.

The parts with Charlie were pretty funny. I think my favorite part of the movie was when he had his gun and told her to bring Edward in so he could meet him. It was cute, it reminded me of my grandpa...

I think the major problems for the people who hadn't read the book was that they portrayed Bella and Edwards relationship in kid of a shoty way. It was like they met and a week later they were in love. It didn't happen like that and that just annoyed me. But overall I liked the movie, and I would like it better with better special effects. I thought Rob played Edward very well no matter what is said. I guess his character is a little hard to understand if you haven't read the books. Of course it is a bit hard to understand him in the books. But if you ever read Midnight Sun then that is a big help to understand why he acts the way he does.

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Indeed I have to agree with Melissa on this. It was always intended to be a love story, never horror.

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OH big daddy, you never fail at making me laugh. Sadly he does not do that. He does suck some of her blood out though...

I wish they would have picked someone besides Kristen, I didn't think she did that well. I thought Rob actually did good. I mean he played the character perfectly, but you may not realize that unless you read the books. The character does act slightly crazy in the books...

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I thought Pattinson did really good actually, as did the rest of the cast. Kristen on the other hand... she needs to learn how to show a little more emotion. It seemed like she was the same through the whole movie.