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Hey, thanks for the visit and comment, Jan.

What are your thoughts on where new couples tend to go wrong in the relationship beginning? Any ideas to help our readers?

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One interesting and potentially sneaky byproduct of all this is if this does come to pass and competitors DO bait links so sites get penalized, Google will become armed with a huge list of Link Farms that they can start taking down.

I know myself that I\'ve been researching web spam links myself to renewable my site. I\'m sure there are sites not yet on Googles\'s \'take down\' radar that they\'ll get from my list.

Is there a secret agenda for this latest Google Rucus and is this it?

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And go get a Gravatar too hahaha

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GeekandJock Facebook Page is over at

For traffic, assisting others and hopefully increasing the small profits that the site makes, people are shoehorned into getting back into their good graces. They own the biggest playing field so they own the ball and they make up the rules that you need to abide by - they don\'t have to :)

I do understand that Golden Vision of a fair playing field. But it\'s like piracy and rules, in general - they will always be ways around them, no matter what the blocking attempts. Penalizing good quality sites isn\'t the answer, in my opinion.

And thanks for the visit and comment, Adam.

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Most multi-national companies are pretty evil anyway - that places Google then as evil :)

There war on making a level playing field just allows people to re-adjust their strategies to plot against competitors now. Google have done nothing except shift the goal posts to cause havoc. Anti-competitive link farms will now pop up.

Gosh, this is going to get real messy, real quick, if you ask me!

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Thanks for your visit and thoughts, Hasmik – great to hear other people’s views.

Home can certainly be a good choice for some romance, I agree. Point of the post is exploring alternatives, outside of the norm. So if you’re home with your partner for most of the time, a change from your normal environment can often ‘spark a spark’.

To keep things fresh, it’s good to mix things up a bit and move outside what you normally do, day to day.

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Thanks for the visit and comment, Risa.

Interestingly, I was on the verge of a refund myself. I saw some significant value in what they were doing with the platform however their User Interface really sucked. Lots of suggestions came from me to them too.

That said, their new web based platform really is pretty good and a good improvement on their v2. Give it a trial since it is free (to a point).

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And what an excellent matra it is too, Stacy.

It's so true in a relationship or marriage as well as out (in a divorce, I mean).
A couple should never ever use children as a weapon or a wedge, in a dispute. That's both unfair as well as forcing the kids to basically choose a side ... and that's plain BS.

My wife and I have the same sort of motto - let our kids see us how we would love them to end up, in their own loving relationship.

And it works a treat too.
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Hey there Bec - thanks so much for your comment. Great to see new people reading and letting us know their thoughts on our material.

And WOW, what a success story you've got to tell too!
What do you think was the No. 1 thing you valued most, from the seperation?

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Actually, MarketMeSuite's new version has changed significantly these days.
And by significantly, I mean, for the better too. I was initially skeptical on being we based but now, I really do like it. While still beta, it comes with a solid free plan for usage that's still powerful.

The added benefit is I can use it Emily on my iPad so there's little need for a full blown iOS app unless you're on a smartphone which I find cumbersome anyway.