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Precisely. Just because Sarah is the lesser of two evils when it comes to people in the GOP - is doesn't mean she still isn't evil. A Big Mac looks fantastic if you're hungry til you dig deeper and look at its contents.

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(continued from previous comment) ... People need to stop being blinded by the beauty queen dazzle & down-home girl act. For one thing, beauty is only skin deep and underneath it all, she has some seriously UGLY and destructive views. THINK, people! Do you want to hand over the Earth to your children in the future with HER as one of its potential guardians? -- taking away freedoms from women, allowing continued raping of natural resources & a complete disregard for other life on Earth aside from human life? Earth is an integrated balanced environment for ALL living things. Take away even one animal or force that animal to extinction and you've thrown that balance off. This woman scares the DAYLIGHTS out of me. If you're not scared by her - you're NOT PAYING ATTENTION! WAKE UP, America! Think of your children & grand-children. It's not just "about you"!

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Nobody wants a quitter as President -- nobody in their RIGHT MIND who isn't merely blinded by her sparkle and beauty-queen pagentry. The woman lacks substance, intregrity, and basic knowledge of foreign policy. She's shown a complete lack of concern for ethical behavior while in office and a disregard for the planet & how her decisions will affect our children! She's shown she cares more about filling up polluting SUVs than finding sustainable non-polluting energy solutions that will help America conserve its natural resources. She's shown a disrespect for the sanctity of LIFE by allowing hunting of wolves from airplanes/helicopters & a disregard for endanged species and their environment such as polar bears & their habitat... (continued on my next comment)