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Why knock this great legislation? We're all pragmatists, here, and this sort of law worked quite well in Iran. Just ask Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

(Also, this is a fine way to retroactively prevent the holocaust.)

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Ah, I see. His past is "quite dark, indeed".

Wingnuts with computers are the reason we have botnets.

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They were at work or looking for work.

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I dunno... that looks suspiciously metric. There need to be a few 3s, 16s, and 5280s in there.

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I loved Guernica, but I didn't think it was American enough.

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As bizarre a worldview as it is, I think I understand it. Everything you describe they see as prescribed by their god's laws rather than society's. So, enforcing these laws is not seen as control, because maintaining a divine social order.

On the other hand, the Bible says nothing directly about public welfare, the environment, corporate power, and so on. Therefore, they perceive any laws related to these fields as restricting freedom -- freedom which only exists in the context of a godly social order.

To accept this world view, one pretty much has to abandon any attempt at critical reasoning, but that's really not too hard.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Assuming the number of erasures over schools is just a normal random variable, even without any sort of interesting effect like excessive erasures at some schools, half will have a number of erasures greater than the average. This is because in a normal distribution the mean and median are the same since the distribution is symmetric. If we look over two years, then the number of schools that had more than the average number of erasures in one of those years can only go up to more than half of all schools. So, even *in the absence of any statistically significant effect*, we would get that over half of schools have more than the DC average of erasures over when considered over multiple years.

To make this statistic interesting, we would need to know if the distribution is unusual, for example, is it bimodal? Can we split the set of DC schools such that these 103 high erasure schools have a distribution of erasures with a statistically significant difference in mean from the remaining schools? These are not difficult tests to run with the data. Hell, they can be done in Excel.

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He probably just wants to convince TEPCO to put a life insurance policy on each of them with the corporation as the benefactor. This would be silly if it didn't actually happen.

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So this week on Glenn Beck, we find out how the Japanese earthquake is a Chinese plot to render the US gold supply unusable.

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Happiness *is* a warm golden gun.