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1. Eddie Guerrero
2. Roddy Piper
3. Demolition
4. Miss Elizabeth
5. Chyna
6. Jake The Snake

1. Warrior vs Savage
2. TLC 2

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Probably brought sign with just the XFL then finished it while he was already in.

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Seriously, your gimmick is a cat, and you end your post with a "mew"... find better things to do with your time.

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Her mom and dad's work ethic must be rubbing off on her. Good for her.

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Working with NJPW is something I could see HHH doing. Not happening while Vince is in charge.

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Or correct spelling.

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Solid line up for this year, with the only nitpick going toward Kid Rock. Why can't they forgo the celebrity option if they can't find a good one? instead, add an additional wrester to the class. I am sure we can all go on and on with a deserving pick, but I would go Vader. Vader is still, IMO the best big man ever. While his WWE run wasn't anything special, the work he did in WCW and Japan is second to none. The man deserves a spot in the HOF.

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As her father there is obviously a bias, but I can't say I don't agree with him. Charlottes rise, and her growth since moving up to the main roster has been amazing. Her work ethic, and her skills are very unique. Her combination of size, and athleticism makes her stand out. Plus I think she has that "it" quality you hear people speak about. She has a presence about her, and she really does seems like she's about three steps above everyone else.

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Holy shit, one of the Singh Brothers is actually wrestling??

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Why not just make the champions of the respective brands the team captains?