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Get Harper to sort his beard out, forget The Bludgeon Brothers rubbish. Get him in a suit and pair him up with the Miz as an enforcer. Have him interfere in the HIAC match with Daniel Bryan and Brie and do a program with Harper and Bryan. Team DB vs Team Miz at Survivor Series, Miz and Harper vs Bryan and someone like Tye Dillinger (give him some exposure but he eats the pinfall from Harper) at TLC. Then have them in the Rumble with Harper and Miz eliminating DB. Harper vs DB at Fastlane/Elimination Chamber(which ever they do) then finally Miz vs Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania with DB finally getting the win.

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That match doesn't need the belt on the line. That's the best part about it. At the end of the day the belts are just a motive for a fight and Miz/Bryan has enough motive behind the match

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Having Miz hide behind someone like Cass or Nakamura would be the best idea. Miz vs Bryan is a Wrestlemania standard program given the amount of build it's had. Just hope they don't rush it for a throwaway PPV.

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With Neville, Sheamus and Barrett all on the roster I feel like they've missed an opportunity to create a stable of United Kingdom like on the game. Whack in Regal as a mouthpiece and it would be gold

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Sting hardly jobbed to Triple H. It took more men than supported him and a sledgehammer to put him down. They booked the match so both came out of it looking strong.

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Look at Kharma. Who wasn't looking forward to her turning up? If they get the right stars in the right situations the Divas division could be epic, I mean you only have to look back Trish Stratus, Lita etc.....those matches weren't toilet breaks

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I agree with this! I think they should do it on the Friday night of Axxess. Wrestlemania week then looks like this:

Monday - RAW
Tuesday - Main Event (If they could sort the International Issues out)
Wednesday - NXT
Thursday - Smackdown
Friday - NXT Takeover
Saturday - Hall Of Fame
Sunday - Wrestlemania

That and with all the coverage of Axxess that will probably be available on the Network makes for a fantastic week of Wrestling

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Vince has been sat voting 5000 times

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I've been watching the Monday Night Wars and WWE right now is reminding me so much of what WCW were like just before they started to lose momentum. Pushing the wrong people, chaos in storylines. The smaller guys aren't getting the pushes they deserve. The only problem is the lack of competition. TNA just is never going to be ready. I have high hopes that NJPW or ROH can expand more. WWE needs competition, it's what the roster thrives on. Creative won't up it's game while there is no one competing.

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That ladies and gentleman shows how disconnected WWE is from it's fans