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You know you have to sit back in amazement these days. Here we have Little Kim who suffers from a Napoleon syndrome. Then we have the leader of Iran who believes he was sent here by Allah to start the final conflict . We have Barrack who thinks he is God. Putin who's love of self is higher than Obama if you ask me. Gordon Brown who is just an idiot . These are just to name a few of the world jesters who are actually controlling the fate of millions if not billions of people.

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I had read about the ship a bit back. It actually is putting off a signature of a atomic bomb on board. According to what I read the United States did not know quite what to do because if you go to board her she might blow up. If you sink her she might blow up and best case if you sink her you have a bomb at the bottom of the ocean contaminating that area. Plus the moment action is taken to sink the ship all out war break out.

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Off Subject but interesting story if anyone cares for a good read.

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One thing I thought would be handy is force every doctor to post their rates for a particular service

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Ah once again my favorite subject. Health care is in dire need of reform no doubt about it. When the average policy cost as much as some small morgages and pays for very little you know it is time for a change. As long as health care insurance policies and hospitals are publicly traded you will find corporate greed. The hard part I have as a conservative with this issue is the conservative stance on the issue. It is true that if affordable health care were made for all Americans the health care system could not handle it. People who would not seek medical care for a existing condition could actually go to the doctor and receive treatment where as before they would have tried to let it go. Which would mean already crowded doctors offices would be in six month waiting periods and already crowded hospital emergency rooms would be overwhelmed. But , in my opinion that just shows us that the health care industry is in dire need of rebuilding. It should not be used as a reason to not reform the health care industry though.

As a conservative, I have a hard time with entitlement programs, but I realize that a certain amount of compassion is needed in any society. But, it should be heavily regulated and monitored by a responsible government and watch dog citizen groups. Health care in my humble opinion should be available to all but through private insurance that is highly regulated. Trial lawyers need to reined in and Pharma needs to cut out the middle man and make medications more affordable for all.

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Now this guy says it all enjoy

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Well lets see if someone had a gun to your head you would be on board too. All I can say is 18 months until midterm:)

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ITS A MIracle, Yes folks miracles do happen. The Swine flu has disappeared and we are no longer at threat. But that isnt the Miracle. The MIracle is We only had two yes folks two deaths so far. Statistically speaking with the amount of reported cases that means that the death rate is less than .04 percent. Which is lower than the regular flu on a yearly basis. The even larger Miracle is we are about to pass up Mexico on the number of confirmed cases and they closed down a entire city WOW. So it is now safe to send your children off to school and yes the CDC says now if a kid comes down with swine flu just send the kid home and do not close the school (Oh and do not notify the other parents).

The things they will do for a dollar.

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Wouldnt it be nice to have doctors who had to advertise what their prices are for each service before you walked through the door. Part of the problem is you walk into a doctor its like walking into a mechanic. You never know what they are going to say and if it is something serious you end up owing before you can make a informed decision.

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Actually Mike I have to disagree. Whenever you have shareholders you must show a profit. Thus you must either come out with new products to increase sales or increase your prices in order to make your shareholders happy. In the case of Hospitals and Insurance Companies you have a double whammy. Both of which in the last twenty years have been privatized and that is why you see increasing prices from both sides of the spectrum. Then you have the liability insurance for doctors to add on which has made things worse. That is why a pill in Cuba cost 25cents while here in the U.S. it is twenty five bucks. The high risk pools I am well aware of. But, like you said even those are very expensive it merely guarantees you coverage. One thing that I think most people should probably agree with is this. A person should not have to work hard their entire life and then lose their homes to medical bills. The health care industry has gone nuts and now will pay a price for it. Unfortunately I think it will end up in a soci-alized medicine. I merely think that stronger regulation and price controls on hospitals and insurance companies is the answer. Another possible strong answer is Have a large Group pool for those who are self employed or work for businesses that cannot afford to supply insurance for their employees. That along with restrictions on lawsuit awards , better oversight of each states insurance review boards will go a long way in reducing prices for all Americans when it comes to health care. Low income pools can be set up that people can pay based on wage levels and can be subsidized by the federal government . This would solve the problem of low income people who cannot afford insurance. It would also go a long way with conservatives , people would not be getting a free ride and as their income levels raise so would their premiums. This would be a fair system and could be tied into data bases that could be used to cross reference incomes by tax returns etc.... to verify income levels. There are many ways to attack the problem and still have choice. But the problem must be attacked.