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Another example of change we can believe in. I try to keep an open mind when I hear things like this but I find it very hard to believe that a lawyer from a top law firm would make these statements if he couldn't back them up with proof.

Of course our glorious leader and his propaganda machine will try to convince us all that it is false and we should just all jump on board the Obama agenda. Congress rails about charging the last administration but there wont be a word about this administration blatantly committing extortion. No one will investigate this. All those that could are directly under the control of the glorious leader.

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Poor Barak. He got his feelings hurt a group of non worshipers told him NO! Bankruptcy should have happened long ago. If Obama didn't owe so much to the unions they would have filed already. It is not Obama's job to work out a compromise here. Why should these people accept pennies on the dollar. Sure the union is willing to make concessions. They also walk out with a major ownership of the company. What Obama is trying to do is called extortion at least it is anywhere other than Chicago or Washington DC.

Let a nonpartisan judge settle this without intervention or threats from DC. That's the way it would work for anyone else that is facing bankruptcy.

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You're correct and most against it are in congress. most seats are empty because they have already been told how to vote and feel no need to waste time actually being involved in the debate. They don't do their job properly. Most are far too busy having lunch with lobbyists or chasing their favorite intern!

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She admits to being briefed that these policies had been determined to be legal. She did not voice any discomfort with it then so maybe she should shut up about it now. If this was a crime then she is as guilty as anyone else is.

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Closing GITMO is a huge mistake. I feel that holding these detainees on US soil is a bigger mistake. Yes we have to come up with a plan on what to do with them. Before they are transferred to anywhere in the US the people that live in that state should have to agree to it though a vote. The risks that they would be exposed to demand that they have a voice in the matter.

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Just to be clear. I was not disputing your statement about NAFTA having serious negative effects on our country. I didn't support it when it was imposed. What I meant was that I don't see a direct effect on the auto industry. I fully agree that it has had negative effects on many other industries.

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The must feel that removing parents from the equation is the best way to raise a nation of liberals.

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Did anyone notice that it was announced today that if Chrysler goes into bankruptcy the govt (we the taxpayer) are going to cover the legacy costs for UAW workers and retirees. Bankruptcy is probably best but only if they are sent through our normal practices not a special targeted bankruptcy that leaves the taxpayer on the hook!

Of course Obama owes the unions big! Get ready to bail the unions out!

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While I agree with most of what you've said I fail to see how NAFTA has effected the auto industry. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see it.

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With everything the administration is doing we will be hit again. The only question is when and how many lives are lost. We are at war with people that have complete blind faith that Allah will reward them for what they do while our troops and intelligence agency have to worry about covering their butt.

"The power of our values" will lose to blind faith every time.

Obama wants to be "on the better side of history". He seems to forget that history is written by the victor.

He wants" the moral high ground". our tactic should be to just hold the high ground.

We will not win this fight by being nice to our enemy. We will win by using every weapon we have both on the battlefield and off!