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They take off their robes and wizard hats.

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IXDS mainly wanted to be close to VFK because we really enjoyed Goon ops. We liked Montolio and had good relations with TEST even after we moved. TLDR: there was no drama, and it wasn't "dangerous" or hard to leave.

I am still butthurt that the leadership killed Whisky Squad, though...

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I think you misunderstood, the post you are responding to wasn't a sexual metaphor...

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Great news! I hope you get to ride an oncoming wave of CCP dev virtual world domination as the next expansions blow our minds.

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Wouldn't it be easy for CCP to just manually investigate accounts routed through known VPN ip addresses? Do the VPN providers frequently change their outgoing IP addresses?

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Go play the Agency.

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When I hit 50 I changed tack to focusing on maxing out support skills before focusing on new ship types. One thing about EVE is there is never a shortage of skills to train. Here's to the next 50mil! (Are you hating the cost of clones yet?)

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Don't forget funny blobs like hot dropping a Rifter with a 30 man fleet! I've been on both ends of that, and it is always entertaining.

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I can only see the CSM agitating for focus on flying in space instead of overpriced space Barbie as a good thing.

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This is why ganking rifters with a 30 man hotdrop never gets old!