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It's simply an opinion piece with which others may or may not agree. Trebor is running for election; it's not unexpected that he would express his opinion about other candidates. You or I may disagree on some of his points but it's not like he's calling other candidates stupid or telling them to go kill themselves for competing with him. As such things go, it is a fairly respectful if personal assessment. But then again, that's MY opinion. ymmv!

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Not dead ... yet, lol!

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With satellite internet, lag is very bad. This has the effect of causing gate jump sessions to frequently require 45-60 seconds to load. Or of causing modules to not respond to a click for 3-6 seconds sometimes. It's not possible, in other words, to play in "real time"'re always a few seconds behind reality. In PvP, especially small ship PvP, it creates a terrible handicap. Besides that, my ISP blocks access to ventrilo servers so voice comms is out. Kinda hard to PvP in a fleet without that.

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So many awesome hats, but I love mine best! Thanks! <3 I'm gonna use it on my FHC avatar pic, too!

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I guess the idea came from the desire to collaborate without ruffling CCP's feathers and secondarily, to ensure no NDA infractions. CSM5 asked CCP frequently to review stuff before publication to ensure no NDA stuff was inadvertently included...and I must say that CCP Xhagen was absolutely fair in his assessments of such things no matter how uncomfortable they made him as a CCP employee. Except for the NDA'ing of the Incarna stuff in the October 2010 minutes, but that was not his decision.

However, I think it is an impossible charter for the CSM to operate effectively and not expect to ruffle CCP feathers from time to time, considering where they sit in the equation between players and CCP. While I don't think feather-ruffling is something they should aim to do, it should also never be something that prevents them from doing the right thing and fighting the good fight in their elected role.

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Gratz on the new job/flat. I'm lurking a little bit around the edges of EVE still, checking in on a few blogs once in awhile and FHC. But less and less as time goes on. The longer I'm away, the less interesting any of it is. But there are a few people I have a soft spot for in my heart, and you're one of them. Hope RL continues to treat you well :)

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That kind of thing brings back a lot of good fun memories :) Tuskers are pretty awesome fellas. Gratz on getting away from that little fleet of theirs.

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slow catching up, but that was friggin' HILARIOUS. You really are brilliant sometimes.

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Yay! Thanks for making this! It's hilarious, I love it!

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Sadly, no, it would have to be TS3. It seems my ISP--which has always stated that it does not support VOIP even tho Vent worked okay if laggy forever--finally did "something" (probably packet repriortisation of some kind) that now makes it impossible to log in to any vent server. Either they can't do the same thing for TS or they don't have a reason to--yet. Anyway...I'm taking a long break. Might or might not be back. Don't really know at this point. <3