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Yeah, I'm more interested in DPS in 0.0 then I am tackling, so hopefully a Rupture, cane or better is in my future.

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I didn't know you flew a cane! Awesome eh?

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That was really quite impressive!

I find it interesting how Mynxee can put up a hard shell in public, but when she's alone she seems almost melodramatic.

They say women have more nightmares than men.

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Well-fought, regardless of the outcome.

Hope you'll cheer on the U'K.

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I think most EVE bloggers do much the same things you do. As a community it behooves us to stay informed.

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Seriously, You and Roc did a great job on this.

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I was pulling for you guys and gals on that one. VERY well-done. The wife and I were cheering.

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While I've never experienced the full bomb, I've seen grenades go off here and there. IMHO it's all about people being level-headed, or lack thereof. Rational people will form rational groups that will make rational decisions. Unfortunately MMOs are populated by a lot of irrational people. I think EVE is actually doing rather well in keeping its idiot percentile low in comparison to WoW and LoTRO.

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My card skills are a little rusty, but I may give this thing a go one of these days. You got my interested, that's for sure. I used to be not that bad at it.

I'll be rooting for you!

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If you're too paranoid about ECM and have yourself loaded with ECCM, you'll be crippling yourself when it comes to actual combat.

When you fly, you always roll the dice on who you'll meet and what they're packing.

I don't think it's unbalancing, since a ECM-loaded ship is just as crippled in actual pew-pew as the above ship. It's a part of modern warfare and IMHO fair. That said, it could do with a few small rebalances, along with many other things in EVE. That's the nature of the beast.

Unfortunately, I can't speak to actual techniques, and I'm only personally familiar with tackling, and not much of it.

Great idea for discussions, Mynxee! Looking forward to more.