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Talk about edgy marketing!

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Hey! I just added you to the EVE Player Blogroll! If you could write a little post and/or tweet about it, I'd appreciate!

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Keep at it mate, and soon you'll be a Pack member once more!!

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Lovely profile you've got up there!

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Very well written mate. As we discussed last week over sushi, the subject is a tough one, but needs to be told as war is not just honourable. War is ugly. As for a child being on one of those ships, I can think of a thousand reason why it could happen. That story needed to be told.

But don't go there ever again. Please!

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Looking forward to the 2nd chapter mate!

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Amazing screenshots Mynxee! Think I'm gonna have to do some site seeing myself as well!!

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Indeed, what a crazy year this has been! Let's continue working on making the EVE blogging community the best gaming community out there, something we've done very well so far!

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Thanks for putting in a good word for me mate! And let it be known that you pester like a true Master! It's down to an Art form for ya!
Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet one day, maybe at a Fanfest, who knows!